It is an absolute feeling of wonder and magic while searching for this land. A harmonious combination of mountain ranges, seaside sites, and ancient monuments that will definitely makes you confused, which place to admire more. It’s this spectacular location where Africa and Europe meets creating a cultural diversity which is quite unique to collect. Let’s not talk too much, simply it is Morocco, the gemstone of Africa. The land’s various geographical topography that occupy the Northwestern side of Africa put Morocco incontrovertibly on the throne of real charm. I guess, now for travels you are enthusiastic to learn more about the most 10 eye-catching places throughout the kingdom of Morocco.


Ouarzazate: (Hollywood of Africa)

It is located to the south of Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. The area takes its name from previous Tamazight origins where the first part “Ouar” means “without” and the last section “zazate” gives the meaning of “noise”.

Since 1930, the most influential cinematic directors and actors have been attracted to the non-disturbed terrain. It is considered as the largest natural studio in the whole world because of its’ wonderful weather and nature’s special colors with a permanent climate of warm sunny days all along the year.

Outstanding celebrities used to visit the site and different global movies were filmed here in Ouarzazate such as, (Cleopatra) in 1988, Kingdom of Heaven, (The Nile’s Jewel) by Michael Douglas, and the list goes on. Cinema is the crucial source of life that made the area economically flourished and a basic touristic destination.


The Fascinating Waterfalls of Oozed:

The healthy atmosphere of this magical place would undoubtedly relax and satisfy you where nature is all what you can observe. Basically, it consists of four heavy valleys where the major stream of “Om-el Rabbi” river collects their waters. For the persons who like to float, there are two lakes under the waterfalls.

This region has a bright pure and healthy water that gives tranquility to each one who desires rest. Vast green distances of various plants and different trees surround the place especially olive trees, from which the word “oozed” comes from, and tasty fresh vegetables: fig, apples, pomegranate, and other sorts. There are traditional watermills next to the waterfalls as well that creates a pure natural scene.

major local networks in Morocco

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inside the hassan 2 mosque
North the capital city of “Rabat” the biggest Moroccan city is located on the coastal line of the Atlantic Ocean. It is Casablanca, the dynamic city each and everywhere of it. When you first visit the city, you will immediately get perplexed believing you are just passing through the French city of Marseilles or maybe you have changed your mind and decided to take a look at the Egyptian Cairo.

The city represents the living type of administration where the most important business companies, banks, and the biggest high quality hotels are all here. I am sure if you are the kind of people who enjoy the hustle and bustle lifestyle, you will be delighted and never get bored within this city because it never sleeps.

The New York-alike city has huge skyscrapers with modern decorations of architecture that make it lively, fresh, and up to date. If you are in the lightened city, don’t miss the chance of having joy with people through the organized artistic and cultural festivals like the Boulevards celebration by young musicians.

Although it is a modern city, it had kept its original culture, which lasted for many years starting from ancient Phoenicians – Romans – Berbers – and French. It is a humanitarian city mingles the past with the present through its unique ancient architecture that holds Andalusia breezes from authentic past. The second part of the city contains old landmarks, such as ,( El Hank Lighthouse), and ( the second Al-Hasan Mosque).


Chefchaouen (Chaouen)

An amazing city with an incredible specific type. This wonderful city is in the North of Morocco; it is better to visit it yourself because words won’t be as reality. Anyone comes here would call it “the blue city” as the bright blue color hues every single house and building.

It mainly consists of narrow alleys through the folk buildings next to each other, which represent local souks (markets). The habitants sell their folk and traditional products, for instance, the wooden instruments and pottery that are used for cooking to the tourists.

These antiques are a symbol of the Moroccan heritage that is protected for several generations. The overwhelmed, humble people of the city and their magical Eastern-Andalusian atmosphere are the reason why people from different spots of the world prefer Chefchaouen the most.

You will feel home having your favorite accommodation by the best hotels decorated for you with the convenient costs. 30 kms away from the city, you will absolutely enjoy relaxation in “akchour” waterfalls where nature will charm you!



The ethnographic Museum of Al-Kasaba:

Museum of Al-Kasaba morocco
In the middle of the main square of Uta el-Hammam, AL-Kasaba museum exists. It was built in 1985 and renovated later on. The museum is the perfect destination for anyone interested to have more information about the history of Morocco.  It is divided into several sections and exhibits reflecting more than 500 years of culture.

A part of the building represents the ancient artistic musical instruments that belong to the Andalussi period. The most important instrument is still here which is Al-Gheeta and Kambr is also kept. The traditional textiles and precious jewels belong to previous princesses are protected in the museum’s second section.

You can find the ancient military coins with specific weapons and iconic silver and gold swords that were used by knights in the wars in the military part of the museum. They are quite precious to keep and protect, they worth your time.


The Sahara Desert:

The Sahara Desert is your chance to feel spectacular with a lot of joy and entertainment. It is the world’s biggest Sahara that occupies a huge distance of North Africa. Far away from the noise of the cities, there is an absolute enjoyment here where you can feel and sense the obvious difference between day and night’s temperatures.

In the night, the vast sky hugging the moon with the accompany of the glittering stars would shelter your soul. The experience is similar to the Arabian nights the moment you ride the genuine Arabic mare that is known for swiftness and strength or when you ride the camel. Doesn’t sense different and fresh when you rest in your camp in the middle of nowhere?

These adventurous moments when you might face the preys at night introduce you to the tribes’ lives there. It is full of excitement to hunt the predators; don’t you think it will reenergize you?!!

The life in Sahara at night is quite different from it at daylight. If you complain from physical troubles, the sunny rays of Sahara are your best remedy. This is  called” the environmental tourism” where sun cures your illness. The whole atmosphere changes in a magical land where you inhale the eastern breezes of Arabic culture.

sahara desert morocco

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Being pleased and happy is not something rare to happen here in the ancient city of Fes. You can notice the antiquity in every corner and detail. In 1981, the city was considered as a site for the global humanitarian heritage according to UNESCO.

The history can be told by the historical monuments that still erected in the land. The city’s old gate open your eyes to follow and enter the ancient fort, which is the city itself. Fes contains the oldest university among the countries of the Arabic Morocco that is called (Al Quaraouiyine University) accompanied by its famous mosque.

The place includes traditional markets that are very popular producing and selling items which indicate Morocco’s heritage. The old city also concludes observatory, the Sultan palace, forts, eastern Hammams that worth visiting. You will enjoy being a part of thousand nights and one night’s story during your visit to Fes.

The city is located on a plentiful valley surrounded by many hills that makes the climate near to moderate and healthy, it is also full of heavy forests and has a fertile land producing a variety of crops and trees. Don’t miss Al-Medina popular souk where you can have tasty flavored herbs.



It is also called “the red city” because of its’ fertile land and the productive soil it has. The area is a heaven like that is full of plenty forests which are different and heavy. It has snowy mountains like Yagour mountain, palm trees producing high quality of super dates. Plenty luxurious gardens are here to relax you, for example, Akkad gardens and Al-Badi palace. Marrakesh is not similar to any other city because of its geographical integrity where fresh air, amazing sightseeing, pure water, and delicious meals are all for your please.

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a moroccan man wear a desert djellaba
Morocco’s industrial city that is as brilliant as any spot on this land. Tangier is famous for trade, business, textiles, and fabrics. Education and culture are crucial in this city and you will understand that when you observe theatres, the halls of art, museums, and the musical societies and literary associations where writers, poets, and actors are the members.

Tangier includes the biggest sites of sport where resorts of tennis and football are built. The tourists are more welcomed here by the libraries, museums, and castles that indicate its long history.


Atlas Mountains:

atlas mountains
It is the particular place where you will feel enchanted and would be regretted not to visit. Huge series of mountains spreads in the middle of Morocco that is divided into three parts: the Big Atlas – the Middle Atlas –the Small Atlas or the Desert Atlas. The tallest mount in this series is the mountain of Toubkal that will definitely have your attention if you are interested in climbing. You should have a try!
No wonder of being amazed in the land of Morocco with all the diversity it includes. Huge mountains, unbelievable magic of nature to authentic past are all within one country. Morocco, the kingdom creates an incredible atmosphere, which is uniquely prestigious. What do you think about our list? Comment about the most place that you like, and don’t forget to share the post.

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