The Majorelle Gardens square measure biological science gardens in Marrakesh that were designed by Jacques Majorelle in 1924. The gardens square measure terribly notable in Marrakesh. It is special for its colors; metal blue and yellow all enclosed by every kind of plants. I was astonished by the colors and plants that square measure in there, terribly nice atmosphere.

The Majorelle Gardens square measure settled within the new part of the Marrakech city, therefore it’s an honest chance after you depart from the city to travel around “Gueliz”, that is the name of the neighborhood of the populated area.

History of Majorelle garden:


Yves Saint Laurent bought the property in 1980 and once his dead, he gave the property to the town of Marrakesh. It is AN art movement house, don’t expect to ascertain the everyday gardens, they’re colorful and exquisite.

Yves Saint Laurent

The Islamic Art of Majorelle garden:


In the same building we found The Art Islamic repository that features the gathering of ornamental arts from Saint Lauren and additionally, Majorelle lithography’s wherever seems the south of Morocco.

majorelle garden

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Things To do in Majorelle garden:


  • It is an ideal place to go to on a very sunny day; therefore, all the intense colors of the building shine and you’ll be able to fancy the landscape.


  • I hope you wish it the maximum amount as I did. And not solely that however once we have a tendency to visited the gardens we have a tendency to enjoyed some freshly squeezed juices in a very juice place right before, therefore take the time to relax somewhat and revel in contemporary fruit!


  •  You may find yourself lost before getting to the place, because there is no sign Guide you the directions in your first visit to the town, so everything look may look confusing, if you find so, don’t hesitate to ask the shops or the street walkers, the Moroccan people are so friendly, they will be glad to help you out.
  •  You can additionally get there by taxi; therefore, it would be simple reckoning on wherever you’re in the city. The bus is an honest possibility as takes you from the Medina to any or all alternative holidaymaker attractions outside.
  • Don’t forget to bring your pro camera with you, you will be fascinated by the place, you will take pictures as you can, people my even discover their photography talent in such beautiful sights like this!
  • Bring your favorite novel with you!, Majorelle garden is one of the most relax and comfortable sights between the crowded city of Marrakech.
  • What place could be better or more romantic for you to propose to your girlfriend, then the Majorelle garden? you are in Morocco, the land of wonders, furthermore you are in very peace, relax and romantic place, take off the ring from its box, bow on your knees! Then work your magic!

How beautiful that could be?! You will only new if you try it yourself!

majorelle garden
majorelle garden
majorelle garden
Majorelle garden interior
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