As we know, Morocco has many amazing charming cities, in which you can spend an unforgettable holiday. One of these amazing cities is Ourzazate. This Gorgeous city is considered one of the best destinations for tourists. It has many fantastic hotels and restaurants and many astonishing deserts and oases. Also it has many historical buildings as Kasbahs and castles and Ksours. You can do many things in such beautiful city. It has many majestic views that will attract you and you will stare at them for minutes and wonder how the earth has such heaven?

Geography of the Ourzazate

It is situated in the south west of Marrakech by 200 kilometers. It is one of the best cities in the central southern part of Morocco and it is the capital of Ourzazate province. It is one of the cities of High Atlas Mountain and it is about 1160 meters above the sea level. There are many facilities in it as the amazing international airports, great university and solar power station. Morocco is divided into twelve compartments or parts and these parts are divided into provinces. One of these parts called Draa Tafillalet in which Ourzazate province and Ourzazate city are located.

Ourzazate nickname

You can hear two nickname from Moroccan people and from tourists

The door of the desert: the cause of this name is that this city lies south to it a desert. So it is like a door to the desert.

The movies industry city: there are many amazing and international movies had been filmed there so it is named the movies industry city. That because Morocco is full of many historical and amazing charming Kasbahs and deserts and many natural landscapes and scenery those, which we are seeing in historical movies. Some of these great films and movies are Lawrence of Arabia, The mummy, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Game of thrones and Hanna.

ouarzazate movie studios

ouarzazate movie studios

Climate of Ouarzazate city

The climate of Ourzazate we can describe it in general by the desert climate. But the height of the mountains and its elevation above the sea level make it cooler and less warm. The temperature in Ourzazate is a little high and equals 37 degrees Celsius. Rain falls there but not so much. In the winter, the temperature is very low and the air is very cold.

Average min and max temperatures in Ouarzazate, Morocco

Population of Ouarzazate:

The population census is 56.000 persons according to the demographics that had been done in 2004. Most of them are Berber as the rest of Ourzazate province.

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The history of Ourzazate:

The city had been constructed in 1920 during the French occupation. It had been built around a French military base. It controlled all over the years the routes and roads of the trade to Europe and north of Africa from South of Africa.

Ourzazate is a great city that had been throughout the years an importunate destination for tourists and many other people as it the center of many excursions through Draa valley and also there is many castles and palaces (kasr) as Ait Ben Haddou which is a great Kasbah that many movies had been filmed in(ex: game of thrones). There are many activities and places you can enjoy seeing.

Ait Ben Haddou

Ait Ben Haddou

In Ourzazate, you can see:


Taouririt Kasbah

It is one of the most prepossessing Kasbahs in Morocco. It is UNISCO heritage place. A wonderful historical and tourist place that is one of the destination of tourists. It attract the attention of Hollywood and many movies had been filmed there.

Taourirt Kasbah

Taourirt Kasbah

La Kasbah des sables 

An amazing Kasbah now is used as charming restaurant. You will get a table with romantic candle and you will be served with Moroccan and French dishes such as barbot and saffron.

There are many great amazing restaurants to taste different delicious foods. Most of these restaurants overlooks a great view and provide a relaxing atmosphere.

There are also many delicate hotels that is ranked internationally and some of them are 5 stars. Some hotels provide spa and pools.

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La Kasbah Des Sables

La Kasbah Des Sables

All you are looking for, you will find them in this beautiful city. Have you been in this majestic city? If not, you must go as soon as possible.Please, if you find this article useful for you, tell us. We will appreciate it.

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