Ouirgane is a small town in Morocco and its population census, at the time of 2004, is 6916 people living in 1200 households, and it is classified as a Berber village. Its people are very hospitable and lovely.

The geography of Ouirgane:

The city lies in the north of Morocco in the High Atlas mountains. It is situated in the heart of Toubkal National Park about 85 minutes drive southeast of Marrakech. located on the valley floor of Oued Nfis, of river Nfis . It is about 1000 meters above the sea level. It is full of olive trees.

River Nfis

river Nfis

Climate of the city : 

A moderate climate can describe the climate of the city in general. It is moderate in summer by the effects of many lakes in this city and the elevation above the sea level. Ouirgane has gentle winter climate, as well. The temperature, in July, is between 35 and 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, in December, it is between 17 and 12 degrees Celsius.

Ouirgane View

Ouirgane View

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How to travel to Ouirgane:

You can travel to Marrakech and then you can drive for 85 minutes to Ouirgane from Marrakech .

What makes this city a great tourist city:

that it has many attractions as wonderful natural view, great restaurants where you will taste many local foods and flavors and many tourist, historical  landmarks .We will mention what exactly these place are.

Berber Atlas experience

You will go in an amazing three- days tour  on your foot or by bicycle or may be by mule, horse or quad bike. In this tour, you can see the captive scenery of hills and surrounding mountains. You will be in accompany with a great guide who is very sociable and he will tell you about the history of Ouirgane and the Berber people and their customs and traditions. You will have a great hiking. You will enjoy seeing daily agricultural life and people who cultivating their land.

Souq on Thursday

There is a great souq, which mean a place in which you will do shopping and buy many charming local products. The most charming thing in this souq is the Berber pottery.

Camel trek near Asni

Just few minutes from Ouirgane and you will arrive a place where you can take a camel and take a tour for 1 to 2 hours. You will pass many villages where you can talk to the people and know more about their cultural. You will have fun with the great view of Mount Toubkal. It is the highest peak in the north of Africa. Its height is 4.165 meters above the sea level .

La Roseraie Spa Retreat

It is one of the best spa you will find. A family who also works in it has built it. Even the herbs and plants used in the massage and teas are down on site. There are great amenities in the changing room. There are also bathroom in which you will take amazing bath and you will feel fresh and revived. After the bath, you will have a cozy book, blanket and fresh tea in relaxation area. Then you will book for a relaxing massage where your bone and muscle be relaxed. You will get a brush and the scrubbing mitt used during your bath to take away for use at home. During your massage, you will smell wonderful scents and you will get a view of bowl of roses under the massage bed rather than staring at the floor.

Salt mines

There are several salt mines that you will love to see and know their history There is fantastic historical landmarks as

Tin Mal Mosque

It is a small mountain village, which had been once the cradle of the Almohad Empire, this empire had been the habitat of Moroccan Berber Muslims movement. From this village, Almohads started their military campaign against the Almoravids in the early 12th century. There are also many activities you can do such as walking treks, horse treks, mule treks and excursions     Ouirgane is full of many great hotels that will provide comfort and relaxation to you. And also many great restaurants there provide all kinds of food.

Tour with Bicycle

Tour with Bicycle

Camel Trek -Asni

Camel Trek -Asni

Ouirgane Berber Town

Ouirgane Berber Town

Tin Mal Mosque

Tin Mal Mosque

What are you waiting for!?

 if you haven’t been there, until now you must pay a visit to it. You will never regret that. it is highly recommended by many tourists.

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