There are but a few countries in the world that boast such diversity in what they offer like Morocco, especially when considering the small size of this country and its accommodations.

Morocco is considered the best tourist destination by many people for a good reason. Adventure lovers and climbers will tell you that hiking in Morocco is one of the best experiences they ever had. Hiking in Morocco is a lot of fun, and there are many spots for it.

If you’re a hiking fan and get your kick only after reaching the endpoint of your destination. We all know that climbing a mountain is a trance-inducing experience and reaching the top is like an orgasm of its own accord.

Hiking in Morocco will definitely be a great opportunity to test your physical and spiritual power and limits.

We dedicate this article to all the adventurers who want to experience hiking in Morocco and don’t know where to start.

This will be your ultimate guide to hiking in Morocco, where we will explore the top (8) hiking destinations in Morocco and essential info about them.

Agadir city

The Best Time to Visit Morocco for hiking.

 To give you a short answer and to get this over with to learn other stuff, “you should visit Morocco during either spring or fall.” The weather is excellent during these seasons.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Morocco because, during summer, it’s sometimes extremely hot for people who cannot bear 40°C without going crazy. During winter, you might have to deal with snow and rain, which are sometimes a pain in the butt.

Now let’s get to the best (8) hiking destinations in Morocco!

Toubkal Peak

Hiking Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in Africa and the Arab world. With an impressive 4167m peak, climbing Mount Toubkal is a must-do for beginners who want to up their game and face a challenge that they can manage if they tried a little bit hard. Hiking Mount Toubkal usually takes 2-3 days. While climbing Mount Toubkal during summer might not be a good idea, climbing it during winter is something only pros can do.

You will start your journey from a village called Imlil. And before that, you might start it from Marrakech. Mount Toubkal is near the Red City Marrakech. Anyway, after you pack your things and get prepared, you will leave Imlil Village and follow that trail that leads to the peak of the mountain.

The trail is full of richness. Be it the small Berber settlements, or the amazing nature and air, the way to the peak of Mount Toubkal is worth the visit.

Along the way, you will find shelters and places where you can rest and enjoy some hot beverages and foods. Make sure to eat Moroccan tagines; they are the best (believe me!).

When you finally reach the peak, which is something that you should plan to do by sunset or sunrise, be ready to witness a view like nothing you’ve ever seen.

The peak of Mount Toubkal is otherworldly. You almost see everything from the Sahara Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean to the Red City Marrakech and its vibrant lights.

Cameras are required in these situations because you will want to record your experience.    

Toubkal Peak

Hiking Ifrane National Park

Nature lovers will be very satisfied with the flora and fauna of the fantastic national park of Ifrane in the Middle Atlas Mountain range. The cedar forest of this national park is a great camping place where you will never get tired of nature. Considering that there are monkeys there, expect to have some serious amounts of fun. Those monkeys are treasures. They are funny and entertaining

And let me tell you, the two cities near the National Park are amazing. Ifrane and Azrou are the perfect destinations for people who like clean air and great food.

Hiking the trail from Ifrane to the national park is a wonderful journey. You will enjoy every minute of that journey. You should also aim to visit the lake nearby; it’s amazing. Nature is usually compared with that of the Alps because of many similarities.

Throughout the journey, you will most likely meet Moroccan youth hiking. It will be a great opportunity to get to know people who share your passion from another culture, and especially they’re Moroccan locals, the will provide you with many insights. 

Toubkal Peak

Hiking Rif Mountains

This trek in Morocco is for all of you stoners out there who’ve heard about the Moroccan North and its hidden treasure. Hiking the Rif Mountains is all you need after 8 months of work or study. You will hike some of the most amazing forests and mountains in Morocco and have all you need of hash to take with you on the way.

The Rif Mountains are among the most important producers of cannabis in Europe. This is your perfect opportunity to taste the fine Moroccan hashish beldia, which is traditional hashish. This hashish quality will not make you feel tired and sleepy. It will instead make hiking the Rif Mountains a very exciting activity, enhancing your sensory input to make the journey memorable.

Start your journey from Chefchaouen City. The Blue City Chefchaouen is a wonderful ancient medina of Morocco that attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year for its beauty and proximity to the Mediterranean coasts.

Take a hiking journey to Ras Elma, where you can lose yourself in the beauty of the natural sceneries and after that don’t forget to visit Talassemtane National Park.

Paradise Valley

Hiking Paradise Valley

Most people who visit the sunny coastal city Agadir forgo about the nearby amazing Paradise Valley. The name Paradise Valley holds in its two words a perfect description of this amazing hiking destination.

The hike from Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane (which is only 1 hour away from Agadir) to the waterfalls of Paradise Valley is only 3km away. You can take a mule to help you with the journey.

Once you reach the waterfalls, expect to be dazzled by the natural beauty, not that the trail isn’t fascinating on its own.

The horizons are packed with palm groves and canyons in Paradise Valley. You’ll never get tired of taking pictures. So, make sure to take extra batteries for your camera. 

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Todra Gorge

Hiking Toudra Gorges

During your trip to the Sahara Desert of Morocco, remember not to leave before visiting the amazing Toudra Gorges. The canyons of Toudra run 300m deep, making them the highest gorges in Morocco. They are also very fun to climb because they impose some challenging stuff.

The Toudra gorges are located near Tinghir, one of the biggest Oases in Morocco. Palm groves and rocks are everywhere. There are also two major rivers, the Toudra River and Dades River. Both rivers have provided the surrounding nature with the water necessary to make this hiking spot relatively luscious, compared to the surrounding Sahara.

Enjoy the local cuisine. And we can’t stress enough eating tagines. They are very nutritious meals that will help you on your adventure.

Todra Gorge

Hiking Ouzoud Waterfalls

While the hike around the notorious Ouzoud Waterfalls is relatively easy, it’s still a very rewarding experience when you actually witness the beauty and great accommodations of the waterfall.

Leaving usually from Marrakech, you will reach the waterfalls after 2½ hours. Then, you can take a long walk toward the waterfalls. Along the way, you will find many locals selling goods and almonds. You’ll need all the almonds that you can get (and there are plenty) because they are very nutritious, and you need that for energy and power.

At a stunning height of 110m, Ouzoud waterfalls are an amazing thing to witness for their sheer magnitude. Nature is the most wonderful artist, this is the first thought that these waterfalls invoke to the mind and eyes of the beholder.

Furthermore, the macaque monkeys who live there will also add to the fun experience with their mischievous behavior. Be ready for them and get them some treats; they will love you and play with you. Apparently, the easiest way to a monkey’s heart is through treats like peanuts and sweets.                 

Having a barbecue in Ouzoud waterfalls is much recommended because everything tastes amazing in such a place, especially meat. It’s not that we’re discriminating here against vegetarians, but it’s a personal preference that many people can relate to. You can of course, enjoy everything else that doesn’t include dead animals.   


Todra Gorge

Hiking Aguelmam Aziza

Finishing this list without mentioning a gem that not many people know is a shame and a waste of precious words. Aguelmam Aziza, which means the green lake in Tamazight, is a great hiking destination for all of you out there who want to explore secret places in Morocco.

This is a spot that you rarely find people who aren’t Moroccans visit. Even Moroccans who aren’t from the region of the Middle Atlas rarely know about this place. However, it’s famous among the young adventurers who are looking for a peaceful place.

Near the city Khenifra, which is also another Moroccan gem, you can travel in less than half an hour to the Aguelmam Aziza.

The interesting part about this spot is another hidden spot with is the two lakes of Tiguelmamin. The two lakes are 50 minutes away from the big lake of Aguelmam Aziza. Looking at them from the top of the mountain (which is something you should do), you can see that they look like big glasses with a narrow hinge in the middle that holds them together.

The Flora and Fauna of this region are raw and fascinating. It’s truly a place where you can camp for a month like many young people from Khenifra do. The local young men have a tradition where they camp every summer in Aguelmam Aziza and Tiguelmamin every year for at least 10 days. They usually take their stashes of hash and locally made Mahia (a type of brandy) that will be sufficient for partying near the lakes

Todra Gorge

Hiking Jbel Seghro

If you’re looking for a hike that isn’t very challenging and won’t probably cause altitude sickness, then Jbel (Mount) Seghrou is your destination. The temperature and the height are less extreme than those in Toubkal, making Seghrou a great spot for people who aren’t very strong physically.

Here’s the catch about Jbel Seghrou. There are cave paintings that you can explore while hiking this amazing destination.

When you finish your hike, you can try camel trekking and camping in the desert camps. It’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss. The desert camps are a lot of fun, especially with all the parties and interesting local nomads. Make sure to try Medfouna with the locals; it’s a great meal that will change your food preferences once you eat it. Many people call it Desert Pizza (I mean no offense to the Italians here).

In conclusion, we really recommend that you plan a trip before heading to Morocco. I understand that it can be a little bit difficult to do that on your own. That’s why Friendly Morocco is here for you. You can get all the information and help that you need on a trip to Morocco. Hiking in Morocco will be a lot easier if you contact us to help you organize stuff with you. That way, your trip be more fun and less responsible.    

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