Morocco has the perfect ranges of mountains in the world, so that it is the answer for each climbing seeker. It includes the highest peaks not only among the Arab World, but through North Africa itself.  Climbing the spectacular mountains in Morocco offers adventure and breathtaking experiences for all enthusiastic climbers in one of a lifetime trip through achieving.

The Most attractive mountain to visit In morocco

 There are many wonderful mountains to see in Morocco. Such as:

Atlas Mountains

The most tranquil site to observe across the western north of Africa is Atlas Mountains, that includes plenty of mountainous series. It is located between the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Sahara Desert, that is an unusual and special place to spend your trekking adventure at. The huge range can be divided into several regions, that are four: High Atlas (Middle Atlas), Tell Atlas, Aures Mountains, and Saharan Atlas; they are all preferred to climb through. It spreads through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia for around 2500 km (1600m), containing the highest summits, peaks and mountains’ ranges. However, it was formed through Earth’s geology within three consecutive periods. What distinguishes the formation of Atlas Mountains the most is the tectonic convergence and the natural resources it includes as anthracite coal, marble, lead ore, phosphate, and natural gas. In addition to the fact of its richness, the Atlas Mountains is the terrain where adventurous attempts of trekking are done. Annually, there is a very good number of visitors, especially climbing motivators and sport men who come from different countries to feel the glamourous trekking of Atlas High Atlas. However, the most famous point to climb in Northern Morocco’s Atlas Mountains is Mount Toubkal.


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Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal (Jebel Toubkal) is what makes Morocco number one destination for all crazy- fan climbers. It is the highest peak in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains that stands for 4167m high including other numerous peaks with about 4000m. It is specifically located in the southern west of Morocco in the Toubkal National Park, and it is 63 km south of Marrakesh. However, it has been the place to endanger climbing since 1923 and for many years before when Marquis de Segonzac, Hubert Dolbeau and Vincent Berger were the first Europeans to ascend its peak on 12 June 1923. The routs into Mount Toubkal are wonderous that climbers can approach the peak through the village of Imlil from its south side. The journey is organized by a specialized guide where everything is ready for a two- day trip  of unbelievable joy. You will be taken into a magical trekking over the stream running the hills reaching the valley of Isougouane that lead you to refuge camps where porters with supplies make the most delicious traditional meals for you. Near the camps of Toubkal, you can rest achieving the wild beauty at the top of the peak in one of the tents pitched in the middle of stony rocks. It is kind of imagination to capture the sun setting while gentle breezes of the Moroccan mountain dally with the mountainous tops. Individuals or climbers there are full of energy and power to continue exploring the mysterious charm behind the Mount. Adventurers are all curious to cross the steep slopes and the col routs with all their twisted scree ridges to arrive in the summit of Mount Toubkal where every detail sounds different. If you climb the peak in summer, it is going to be a stunning trip despite its difficulty. However, the trekking poles will help you on the scree. Meanwhile, the journey during winter is more charming, that snowy scenes and ice are obviously seen viewing the Atlas and the Little Mountain. In addition, skiing is done at the highest peaks of about 3500m where snow is thick and deep which cover all the rocky slopes. It is a breathtaking sight to contemplate where the highest peaks are all wear the glittering white. It is so magical to take some photographs of the wonderful view. However, climbing Mount Toubkal will stick to your memory whenever you go, so never hesitate taking the attempt.



M’Goun Massif Peak

Variety of landscapes are observed at the ridge lines of the second highest peak in North Africa of M’Goun Massif. It is where the highest gorges of beauty are found, which are favored by the climbers. You will learn about two of the most important aspects of the mountains life there; the first is about the humble life of Berber tribes, their local culture and hospitality. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the traditional kind of trekking, that is done through the mules. Berber villages are not complicated, rather they are welcoming and respectful. The second type, is that you are going to explore the luxurious Kasbahs in order to enjoy the beauty of the mountain closely where residents are comfy and tranquil. They are suitable to let you feel the passion of being free in the middle of the high African peak. The scenery along the M’Goun Massif is stunning where the landscapes are contrasting and rare. However, a lot of plants and resources are found even though the conditions are difficult. This makes it spectacular for many climbers to set their trekking having their equipment ready to start one of the most living experiences of climbing.

M'Goun Massif

M’Goun Massif

Have you ever been to One of this wonderful Mountain!!!

High Atlas Mountains, Mount Toubkal and M’Goun Massif represent the mountainous tale of Morocco through an interesting plot of slopes, rocky routes, high peaks and summits. It is the place where every kind of beauty is drawn calling for each lover to try reading the love story of Morocco, the kingdom.

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