A batch of tasty original vegetables mingled with fresh and spicy meat is what made many people, chefs, and visitors from around the world with different cultural and national backgrounds prefer the Moroccan cuisine the most.

According to surveys of the most professional chefs and cookers, the Moroccan cuisine is considered the second best worldwide cuisine after the French one. However, it is the first one in the Arab world and Africa as well.

The Moroccan cities, from west to the east of the country, and various other regions in the spot present the welfare of Morocco through one of the most delicious meals that have never been served before.

The resources however are uniquely rich in the land since the soil itself is quite various gathering all materials with the appropriate factors of what make growth perfect. Thus, a standard Moroccan dish would be a fusion of colorful vegetables naturally down to earth painted with cooked meat, chicken or lamb. The plentiful production of food and nourishment of the kingdom is impressive indeed but the question is

Where and How Does All this Variety come from?

The answer would be explained according to many centuries going back in date. Several thousand years ago; since its importance in terms of location and geography, Morocco had been influenced by the international communication that took place. Trade caravans from different worlds would meet in the special place of Morocco in order to sell their goods. However, a particular contact with foreign worlds along with Europe occurred. Morocco has been introduced to unfamiliar cultures that were new and attractive to be discovered. Morocco welcomed that unique difference however, and accepted those traditions using them for the benefit of the nation. The result was crystal formed in the deep link between western and eastern worlds and this was especially found in Morocco.

Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine

Getting introduced to cultures with new types, lifestyles, and various backgrounds has developed the countries’ sectors in each and every single aspect; this has influenced food as well.

The Moroccan Cuisine

For long time ago, known as varied, traditional, and healthy; it is the cuisine of Morocco that is completely famous for its tasty incredible dishes. It has been considered a rival to most of international cuisines according to its simplicity and popularity. Moroccan dishes are distinguished by using ” Ra’s el-Hanout” which is a complex quantity of flavors. It is a mixture of spices and dry herbs that smell quite unique and authentically blessing. The herbs mainly consist of nut and especially desert nuts adding a taste of magic. In addition, most of Moroccan food is prepared in conventional pots that are called “tagine“.

 Ra's el-Hanout

Ra’s el-Hanout

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What is a Tagine?

Tagine is a clay pot that is designed to aid condensation making low-heat dishes. It is used in the Arabic cuisine especially the Moroccan one. Tagine is made as a basic part for each Moroccan’s house. Its relatedness can’t be separated from the national heritage of Morocco and here lies the main reason why native people in the country had saved this item which represents a must in every kitchen. Tagine is shaped as a wide bottom and a rounded dome that looks like a cone settled in the top of the figure. Nowadays, ceramic tagines are popular and practical as well. They can be used for both making and serving food.

traditional Tajine Plate

Traditional Tajine Plate

Origins of Tagine

As a word, “tagine” has references to North African cookware, while many talk about its belonging to the Islamic empire where tagine dates back to Harun el-Rashid, the Islamic ruler. Many believe it was also used by Romans who likely brought the tradition to Roman Africa during the period of their rule. Others, moreover, refer to tagine’s origin back to the cuisine of the first inhabitants, the Berbers.

Making a Pottery Tagine

Making a Pottery Tagine

How to Make a Moroccan Tagine?

Moroccan tagine is one of many other dishes that are highly accepted among native people and foreigners or visitors. Tagine is varied; you can prepare the meal according to plentiful manners and ingredients. You can use chicken, beef, or substitute them with lamb or even fish if you wish. In case you are a vegetarian, You can prepare tagine with cooked vegetables only. This sounds healthy and delicious. In addition, it can be made by fruits; many Moroccans like to eat tagine with dates. Would you try this?

Preparation of Tajines

Preparation of Tajines

Moroccans have a high taste of food; they used to add special spices typically prepared for tagine whether it is with meat or vegetables. Cinnamon, ginger, warm cumin, yellow pure saffron and turmeric are what made tagine perfectly smell unbelievable to be amazingly favored.

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Unforgettable Chicken tagine to prepare

Easy steps that guarantee the most notable dish ever:

In the tagine, provide the chicken after you heat the oil. Then, onion with ginger is added. Make sure to season meat with the special group of flavors and spices mentioned above. After that, add water, honey, carrots and saffron in the pot before you cover it.

40 minutes later, your tagine is probably ready to be served accompanied with some orange juice or lemonade. Never miss that your tagine should be low-heated; this makes the outcome more tasty.  Don’t forget to garnish the tagine with fresh green parsley along with slices of lemon. Almonds and nuts can be added as well. Making sure your feast is elegant and charming enough, you can serve tagine up with couscous if you wish. Tagine is served up with Moroccan bread that is flat for dipping. can you imagine the taste? It is wonderful.

Chicken tagine

Chicken tagine

That is the exact process that would definitely make you satisfied and rested. A process that is not time or effort consuming and the results are quite stunning.

If you are visiting Morocco, attending the traditional Moroccan cooking classes would be an interesting idea to learn the authenticity of Moroccan dishes. Being able to be introduced to new cultures with different aspects is an absolute lovely experience that is worthy trying.(don’t forget to live a comment, and to share this essay..)

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