One of the questions that come to mind when you want to travel to another country is how you’re going to move around. Transportation is a crucial element that has to be thought about before you start your journey. One has to know how to travel in a certain country or at least have an idea to start with. It will prove to be a very helpful thing. So, what is the case with transportation in Morocco?

Fortunately, Morocco is a country that has decent infrastructure and roads in comparison to most of the counties nearby, which makes traveling an easy thing most of the times. There are also many options that you can pick up from when it comes to the means of transportation; Morocco has a diverse range of transportation options.

Depending on the regions and the cities you want to visit, you might need different means of transportation; some are very modern, others will make you feel like you travelled through time.

Discover more about transportation in Morocco in the next paragraphs:

Public transportation in Morocco

Traveling with public transportation is one of the cheapest and efficient ways to move around Morocco. There are many options when it comes to the public transportation; some of them are more comfortable than the others, and others are faster, however, the best thing about all of them is the availability.


The bus services in Morocco are very diverse, as many Moroccan bus companies offer different services and different levels of comfort. Among the best bus companies that you can find in Morocco are the CTM and the Supratours; these are very suitable for long trips, and you can book online, which is something that spares a lot of troubles. These bus companies usually have their stations away from the regular bus stations that each city has.

Some buses run within many Moroccan cities; however, they tend to be crowded and risky sometimes. That’s why we recommend using other means of transportation within cities.

Bus Transport


The taxi situation in Morocco is a little bit peculiar. There are regular taxis and large taxis.

The regular taxis (small taxis) run on a meter counter, although, some towns have a fixed price. They are the perfect means of transportation when you’re inside a city.

There are also large taxis. These taxis work like the bus; they have a fixed-line and you’ll have to wait until the taxi is full, as each taxi takes 6 people to the destination. One of the things that you can do if you’re in a hurry is to pay extra money for the missing places. For example, if the taxi needs one passenger that hasn’t come yet, you can pay for the seat and leave as soon as you want. This can be very useful if you feel like you need extra space in the taxi.   We should note that you can travel from a city to another in a large taxi. Large taxis are considered by many better than buses and more comfortable. They also cost a little bit more than buses.

Taxi transport


Although not all the Moroccan regions have a train line, most of the significant regions and cities are reachable by train. There are two classes; the first class is recommended for people who have big luggage. The second class doesn’t differ very much in terms of comfort; however, when the train is packed you might travel standing up.

There’s also a high-speed line in Morocco that has been installed recently; it’s a good choice for people who are in a hurry, although, the lines are still limited.

You can check the schedules and book online.

Some buses run within many Moroccan cities; however, they tend to be crowded and risky sometimes. That’s why we recommend using other means of transportation within cities.

Train transport


Travelling by airplane is not a necessary thing in Morocco; the whole country is just as big as California. Buses, trains and large taxis prove to be all you need when it comes to public transportation. Most of the regions that the tourists love to visit can be reached from Casablanca in less than a day; places like the desert, Fez or Marrakech.

However, for very long distances such as Laayoune or Dakhla, you might want to consider the airplane. A trip to Dakhla from Casablanca on a bus can take more than a day when on an airplane it’s less than two hours and a half.

airplane transport

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pRIVATE transportation in morocco

You can also travel Morocco privately at very affordable prices. Especially if you know your way around the country or you have someone with you who does.

Rent a car

Many tourists favor to travel the country on their own or with their family or friends; that’s why they rent a car. Renting a car is not very expensive, especially if the car is just a regular car, nothing fancy. The best thing about renting a car is freedom; however, it might be a little bit hard and dangerous if you’re not used to harsh roads because Morocco has its share of these. Renting a car is the perfect choice for a family of many individuals; that’s how they can travel together more comfortably.

Car renting agencies are available in almost all of the Moroccan regions; it’s not very hard to spot one on the main road in a city or town.

Car rent

Private tour agencies

Companies such as ours offer private tours to the tourists who want to explore Morocco with guides. We organize all the details of the trip for you, and in case you want to customize your tour, where you visit the places you listed as interesting. The private tours can also be taken with a group of people. The vehicle we usually offer is an SUV.

Travelling with a travel agency takes a huge burden from you.

Private tour agencies


When you explore the raw nature of Morocco; places such as the desert, the mountains and the valleys you might use some help of traditional transportation. By that, we mean camel trekking in the case of the desert and riding donkeys and mules in some harsh places.

Private tour agencies

Camel trekking on its own apart from being a means of transportation is one of the most exciting activities that attract tourists. Riding these majestic animals is a rite of passage in Morocco. The tourists usually ride the camels towards the desert camps near the town Merzouga. They are the perfect transportation in the Dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Camel trekking

Morocco has a diverse landscape and so is transportation. The way you travel can add to or diminish your experience, depending on the type of person you are. That’s why you need to decide how want to do that. Some people like traveling in public transportation to learn more about Morocco that way, others will prefer to travel privately and be as comfortable as they want. Different ways of traveling offer different kinds of experiences.

If you have any questions about transportation in Morocco or you need more details, please feel free to contact us. Our team is always happy to help.

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