On the line with the plan of developing services, and airports in Morocco, and to rebuild the city of Fes according to the international standards, and as a step of changing Morocco and take it to another level of development and modernity.

His Majesty the King Mohammed VI Bin Hassan, the king of Morocco, supervised personally on Launching a new air station in Fes, which is considered the light of Morocco to the international community, and improves its place as an inspirational and Scientific capital for Morocco.

Fes Saes Airport interior
471 million dirham, is what this achievement costs, happened after the royal orders to improve Fes city by modern air stations, which will Strengthen its international reputation, and to make traveling to and from it easiest for travelers and tourists.

Many Artworks you can find in the new station, which gives for the travel the opportunity to check the culture and history of Fes city, these artworks are made by very famous Moroccan artists, one of these artworks is the Dome that is hanging from the middle of the station for the artist ‘Faouzi Bitres’, and the big paint, and the A bird of clap, which is a painting for the artist ‘Abd Al Kareem’.

In addition, the Seventh Flowers, is one of the art works achieved by ‘Younes Rahmon’.

This station presents the agriculture history of the inspirational capital of Morocco, Fes, its developed equipment, and modern design and the amazing mix by the modernity touch and the historical stories.

Fes Saes Airport station, is in the line with international conditions and standards to secure the travelers, and provide best services for them, it is also a big step towards improving and developing all airports across Morocco.

This process of developing and extending Fes Saes Airport, contained many new important steps, like building a new station with a Total area of 28.000 Square meters, and extending the hangar and improves its capacity to house four more planes, one of them is a big artifact, and also Create a new route to connect to the runway, all of these equipments improve the airport capacity to receive and serve more visitors,  the station is now able to deal with  more than  2.500.000 travelers instead of 500.000 before this process and extending for the Airport station Fes Saes.

art in the new airport
The new Fes Saes station contains, Public Lobby, Hall of the Staff, Tax-free trade area, a restaurant, an access lobby, it also contains Offices of Mohammed Ibn Al Hassan Foundation for Solidarity, dedicated for providing advice and assistance to Moroccans and foreigners, and currency exchange agencies, area for delivery of luggage, Health check and parking with a captivity of 800 cars.

Finally, this big step of the king Mohammed bin Hassan will definitely improves travels and touristic to the city Fes, which is facing a growing numbers of travelers during the last ten years.

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art in the new airport

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