Generally speaking, there’s no best time to travel to Morocco. It’s a diverse country that offers something in every season. Different Moroccan regions stand out during some periods more than others. So, if you’re visiting Morocco in the summer, you might want to consider traveling to the north for example.

Anyway, depending on the time of your trip to Morocco, you have to organize your vacation accordingly. To help you understand the different seasons of Morocco and how they correlate with the weather, we are dedicating this article to that.

Here’s the Ultimate Guide to the Best Time to Travel to Morocco. You will learn all you need to know about Moroccan weather and the best places to visit during a season.

The Weather in Morocco Overview

Determining the best time to visit Morocco is a crucial thing before you as a traveler. The weather in Morocco follows the same seasonal patterns that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. Winters last from December to February and summer lasts from June to August.

During the peak of summer, some Moroccan cities like Fez and Marrakech tend to be extremely hot. You have to know that in Morocco, the further you go south, the closer you get to the Sahara Desert. That’s why visiting the coastal regions and cities during the summer vacation is quite recommended. Summer is the best time to explore cities like Tangier, Essaouira, Casablanca, and Agadir. Winter can also be very cold in Morocco, especially if you’re a non-European because Europeans generally think winters in Morocco are warm compared to Europe. Winter is the best time to visit some great mountain resorts like Oukaimeden.

Don’t let the Sara fool you in Morocco. Even though the days are very sunny and hot, the nights can be extremely cold.  The northern regions are not very great because it usually rains for days unexpectedly, making moving around a little bit accompanied with wet, which is not cool all the time.

Agadir city

Agadir city

Tangier Beach

Tangier beach

Wind in Essaouira


Spring in Morocco

Spring in Morocco is great. The temperature is nice and everything is green. It can be cold from time to time, but it’s generally great. Spring is also one of the best times to go to Morocco because there aren’t many crowds in the tourist attractions. It’s quite recommended that you visit places like Volubilis during this season. And if you’re lucky enough to visit the Moroccan south during May, you might encounter the Rose Festival in Ketlaat M’gouna.



Summer in Morocco


There are two drawbacks of summer in Morocco. The first is heat, which can be extreme sometimes (50°C). The second drawback is crowded places. Every nice place that people love to visit is crowded during summer. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit Morocco during summer. Quite the opposite. Morocco is a very famous summer destination for a good reason.

Moroccan Hotel Sahara view

Hotel in Hoceima

Fall in Morocco

Fall is another great time to visit Morocco, especially the coasts. Fall is also the perfect time to hike Mount Toubkal and the valleys of the south. The weather is very nice during falls.

Imlil - Toubkal Mountain

Mount Toubkal

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Winter in Morocco

Generally speaking, Morocco is good in winter, especially Agadir, which a city that has a record of 300 sunny days a year. Some places experience snow, and if you’re a fan of snow activities, you’ll love Marrakech and Ifran. The Sahara desert is also a viable option, but the temperature tends to be very cold at night.

Argan Oil - Agadir


What is the Best Time to Trek the Atlas Mountains?

Trekking the Atlas Mountains is not possible all year around. However, spring and fall are a great time to do that. You should definitely do research before doing that because you need to spend your time in the best conditions. Weather can be a little bit unpredictable, but generally, nothing extreme.              

Atlas Mountains Climb

Atlas Mountains

What is the Best Time to Visit the Coasts of Morocco?

When it comes to the weather, the best time to visit the coasts in summer. The average heat is very nice and suitable for sunbathing. The interior of Morocco is very hot during summer, but the coasts are extremely nice. The only drawback of visiting the coasts in the summer, as we’ve discussed above, is the crowds. Some cities like Essaouira and Agadir are very crowded during summer. Apparently, they are so good to the point they have wide popularity, making them very famous summer hotspots.

Some coasts like Taghazout and Sidi Ifni are good beach destinations even in winter. The weather stays nice all around the year.


Agadir beach

What is the Best Time to Visit the Sahara Desert?

The Moroccan Sahara Desert is one of the most popular destinations in Morocco for many reasons including the weather. However, it seems like it’s not suitable to visit the Sahara whenever you feel like it because the weather can be dry and harsh. The summer days are extremely hot (as you might have guessed), and winter nights are so cold. Also, April is not a great time to visit because of the sand storms. Generally, the best time to visit the Sahara is spring and fall. You should aim to visit the Sahara in October and September for a friendly experience.

Zagora Desert

Sahara Desert

The Festival and Events of Morocco

There are events in Morocco during the whole year. But if you’re a fan of huge events like the Mawazine and Gnawa festival, which are the most popular (and sophisticated events), you have to visit Morocco during the last days of May and the early days of June. Many Music festivals are held during this season. There are also many seasons during spring like the Moussem of Meknes, which is a huge celebration of traditional equestrian sports.

Generally speaking, you can visit Morocco whenever you want and find something to entertain you.

Argan Oil - Agadir

Mawazine Festival

As a traveler, you have to always keep in mind the weather of the place you want to visit. We hope that this article will help you be mindful of the weather in Morocco. Now you can determine the best time to travel to Morocco.

For further information about Moroccan trips and itineraries, feel free to contact us. And please share with us your opinions about Morocco in the comment section below.

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