Dakhla city is one of the hidden touristic attraction cities in morocco, only locals know about it!, the reason is the fact that most websites prefer to speak about the will known cites, such as Marrakesh, Chefchaouen ,Casablanca, Rabat, … However at Friendly Morocco we choose to give you the full story, and to be your guide for every city in Morocco.

Dakla city is Located in the western Moroccan Sahara desert, where the desert meet sea, to make this city one of the best cities that you might want to visit.

Spanish fishers expanded this amazing city, where they used its coast to fish and transport.

The major economic activities in Dakhla is the fishing and tourism, and recently the city has become a center for aquatic sports, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and surf casting and is known as the center for watersports.

Dakhla Climate and nature:


Dakhla has a mild arid climate (BWn) according to the Köppen climate classification. Dakhla receives an average 33 millimeters (1.3 in) of precipitation per year. The temperature averages around 17.4 °C (63.3 °F) during January, Dakhla’s coldest month and around 23.0 °C (73.4 °F) during September, its warmest month. The temperature seems to be moderated by the Canary Current.

And like many other places in the Sahara desert, Dakhla is a poor place of trees and green nature and mostly covered of desert, sea waters are or had been very rich in sea life due to the highly productive Current System of Canary flowing offshore and the renown Nouadhibou upwelling which is located nearby as well.

All of these factors combined together provide excellent conditions for local fisheries, and result in strong local biodiversity for birds in particular.

Many animals like birds, mammals, reptiles can be found at Dakhla city.

The nature and climate of this city has made it one of the most amazing tourism places in Morocco, and now we will give you a tour around Dakhla city to discover

climate dakhla maroc

The best places to visit and activities to do in Dakhla:

1- kitesurfing:


This sport is very famous in Dakla city, and at the end of the lagoon to be more specific, you can have great time practicing kitesurfing and that will be one of the best memories in your visit.

To practice this game you don’t have to pay much money, at Dakla city it is very cheap, so that don’t worry just go and have a pleasant time, no big charges will be waiting for you 🙂

Dakhla geography gives the kitesurfing lovers a great experience and if you had a guide, helping you the experience will be much better.

Dakhla kitesurfing

Dakhla kitesurfing

2- Dakhla Peninsula Monument:


This big square in Dakhla can be used to take a break and relax and get away from the crowded noisy city, you will experience the calm and peaceful that this place has.

The good thing that, this place is like a studying library, because you will find many students preparing and studying for their exams there!

My advice is to take a book with you, you will enjoy reading it.

Dakhla Peninsula Monument

Dakhla Peninsula Monument

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3- Spanish Cathedral:


This place is a historical, ancient Spanish desert architecture; inside the Cathedral, you can notice straight lines, curves, and domes. The cathedral is not used now and is locked but it is still a good place to take pictures and enjoy your time while admiring this great monument.

Spanish Cathedral

Spanish Cathedral

4- Visit the oldest part of Dakhla:


When you visit Dakhla, you might want to make this visit more exciting by giving its oldest part a visit, it might be little hard to find it, but believe me it is worthy!

Old houses, narrow streets, old styles this place is filled with old things, and there are a lot more things to discover there.

5- The Old Mosque and Dakhla center:


Located in the middle of Dakhla, this old mosque was built by Spanish, and most of it is white washed, finding this mosque will be very easy.

Especially that you can find many cafes and restaurants near it, where you can relax discover the life style in that area and watch the people near the old mosque.

Dakhla mosque

Dakhla mosque

6- Dakhla seafront:


There you will get a great opportunity to watch and admire the sunrise and take a walk on the beach, you can even go swimming although you will not find many people swimming there, but do not worry that is not harmful!

Be careful during January, the sun can be very strong and might harm you unless you have your sunglasses with you.

Dakhla beach

Dakhla beach

Many other amazing places can be found in this fantastic tourism city, the nature and climate there will give you a great opportunity to discover the beauty of life, and this journey will be unforgettable one.

Many sights and places and activates in Dakhla, the only way to discover them all is to book and travel there, and check them all.

If you have ever been to Dakhla city, tell us about your journey there, and is this city worth it or not?

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