With 1.800 meters above sea level, Imlil is a small village located in the High Atlas Mountains and near to the mountain Jebel Toubkal the highest in Northern Africa.

This small village with its unique location is considered as the center of mountain tourism, and all visitors who wants to go to Toubkal the highest mountain in Morocco, have to pass through this village, to check this natural place and discover the beauty of nature and mountains there.

Due to the big numbers of tourists, Imlil was newly created so it can contain these numbers, and give them the opportunity to freely check and discover these areas.

In this particular town some parts of the film “Seven Years in Tibet” was filmed.

The most important thing about this village, that it is a center for mountain guides, who work as guides for the tourists in the area that surrounds Jebel Toubkal, and that is the main economic activity in the village, the tourism.

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Imlil Climate:

The climate in Imlil village is warm and temperate, during winter times it is covered with rain falls more than the summer, this location is classified as Csb by Köppen and Geiger. In Imlil, the average annual temperature is 12.3 °C. The average annual rainfall is 541 mm.

Do not think that in this small village there are not many things you can do, keep reading and discover some activities that are amazing to experience and places to visit in Imlil:

1: one of the best activities in the high atlas is Trekking

2: for all information about Trekking (guide, maps….), Imlil is the place that you must head to, and there you can start and find all you want.

3: Mount Toubkal: the highest mountain in Morocco, it is located near Imlil and so that before your journey to the mountain starts you need to stop in Imlil to prepare yourself and maybe choose a guide to escort you.

For trekkers, this mountain is one of the best places at all, and many things can be explored there.

This small hidden village between the mountains has many things to offer to you, especially if you are a trekking lover.

Many activates and amazing views can be found and done there.

The sunrise in the early morning is going to be an amazing time for you to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and have cup of coffee.

Imlil Village

Imlil Village

Imlil Village During Winter

Imlil Village during winter

Hiking Toubkal Mountain

Hiking Toubkal Mountain

Sunrise Toubkal Mountain

Toubkal Mountain Sunrise

Imlil - Toubkal Mountain

Imlil – Toubkal Mountain

What are you waiting for!?

If you have ever watched Imlil sunrise tell us more about it, and how the sunlight hangs the nature there, describe more for us about this town, and share your journey with us.

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