The moment you get into the name ”Kenitra”, you probably think it as one of the outstanding trend marks or such a popular TV show or maybe a romantic poem’s title. It is a little bit faraway of these misunderstandings, however, Kenitra is a Moroccan city situated on the Northern Atlantic coastal line.

It is 40 km to the north of Rabat city located on the Sbu river and considered as one of the three main cities of Rabat– Sale’- Kenitra’s region. Formerly and specifically in 1912, it was named Port Lyautey after the name of its founder, the French General Louis Hubert Lyautey. Now, Kenitra is the capital city of the Moroccan northern west since it is a rich terrain.

Although it is not as dynamic as the capital city(Rabat), it is regarded as one of the core cities in the Moroccan kingdom since youth and life do strongly exist in each particle. However, it is more spontaneous and a cozy place to be explored.

Kenitra lies on its textile, leather, electronic and para- chemical industries to maintain its economy. Also, it mainly cares for the region’s agricultural capabilities to develop the rate of production. Kenitra is the living earth land that exports all of its goods to most sectors in the kingdom; it is rather the main source of all supplies.

Main Features of Kenitra

Along Mohammed V Avenue, the road is surrounded by beautiful fountains making the track mainly directed to the heart of Kenitra. It is the place where visitors feel home with great hospitality being offered day by day. It is not a wicked city; it is just the vivid place where young people are alive.
The city includes many important foundations, cultural, religious and social structures. Despite its tiny area, Kenitra is a site that tells much.

The local restaurants with reasonable prices, the markets and kiosks depend on the farms around the city to get the organic vegetables and fresh fruits. It is a tiny city where you feel friendly and warm; it is where you feel satisfied.

However, different youth centers and colleges are available in the city. Among the many, Ibn Toufil University, founded in 1989 is the only university in the city. It includes a variety of departments with numerous studies. The university itself is an attraction because of its richness.

Nearby the busy neighborhoods, a sense of socialism and interaction is felt in the middle of the giggling streets and the laughter of children playing their favorite football game. Kenitra is like mother; it contains a band of differentiations and still livingly prosper.

Once you are in Kenitra, you should plan well to explore more places. A number of locations must be included in your visiting tour list to Kenitra.

Kenitra avenue mohamed 5

Avenue Mohamed VI

Kenitra City

Kenitra City

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Where to Go in Kenitra? Attractive Places

  •  Mehdia Beach
    In the Northern part of the city especially at the famous spot of Mehdia, the quiet beach is located on the Atlantic coastal line. It is the absolute embodiment of serenity where high waves stroking the cliffs is a picture of another place. The pure vast ocean is in front of your sight hugs the wondered birds in a magical combination. It is just breathtaking!
    The beach of Mehdia is the perfect choice for sport lovers. Amazingly, a lot of outdoor activities are done on the beach such as, surfing, bodyboarding, diving, swimming and all other water sports. It is unique to feel the glittering waters living within you.
    You can also enjoy the camel riding tour on Mehdia’s beach which you will absolutely like. This seems quite interesting. The restaurants are all along the beach. They are many and varied with convenient prices. They introduce you to the most delicious seafood meals. You will enjoy the fried and smoky fish served with sea herbs.
  •  Lac Sidi Boughaba

Moving only 13 km from the city center of Kenitra and near the amazing beach of Mehdia, the natural reserve of Lac Sidi Boughaba is organized with an elegant decoration. It is neither vast nor wide; it is rather a narrow lake with plentiful fountains which are magnificent to observe. The lake is divided by the crossing central causeway into several sections. However, it includes exotic birds featuring life inside the National Park. It is quite a scenic spot to enjoy a relaxing picnic with your friends and family.

  • Kasbah of Mehdia and Thamusida Ruins
    On the Sebou’s river left bank, a glorious 2000 year- old fortress overlooks the harbor. It is the historic site of ”Kasbah of Mehdia” that is an attraction to most visitors. It is a place of history connecting past with to present. However, the site is related to the city according to many historians. The story goes that it was a temple built in the 16th century by Hanoun. It was also used by the Phoenicians. And thus, strolling between such ancient roads tells much the Kasbah’s history showing the difference between the city center and the authentic alleys of Kasbah’s Mehdia. This is clearly seen, so don’t miss the experience.
  •  Thamusida Ruins

Quite next to the Kasbah of Mehdia, Thamusida ruins are located 15 km away from the heart of Kenitra. The Roman landmarks are found in this archaeological site since it was used as the river port long time ago in the Roman era. The ruins date back to about 200 AD. Thamusida Ruins is a site of tourism where many foreign people visit the place to get more information about the site’s history.

Exploring the religious background of Kenitra is an essential part of your visit to the city. Since you are in Kenitra, you will hear about the most well- known religious sites such as Mohammed VI mosque and Lalla Khadija mosque.

  • Mohammed VI Mosque

The mosque of Mohammed VI is one of the religious attractions of Kenitra. It is a modern design of mosques situated in the heart city of Kenitra. The contemporary Islamic architecture is well noticeable along through the high minarets that are accurate and elegant. In addition, many popular markets or ”aswak” are stepped into opposite of the mosque. The tour there is going to be different since the locations have their unique characteristics.

Mehdia Beach

Mahdia beach

Lac Sidi Boughaba

Lac Sidi Boughaba

Kasbah Of Mahdia

Kasbah Of Mahdia

Thamusida Ruins

Thamusida Ruins

Thamusida Ruins

Thamusida Ruins

Mohamed VI Mosque

Mohamed VI Mosque

What are you waiting for!?

The journey into Kenitra does not end; it is a continuous exploration of life and uniqueness. Kenitra is worthy our time to be magnificently explored. Kenitra is worthy our attention!

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