Midelt is one of the cities of Morocco that characterized by the beauty of nature, the green land and many fascinating landscaped. Midelt is also famous for its production of apples. It also famous of its fossils and rocks.

The geography of Midelt

It lies in the central Morocco, in the high plains between the middle Atlas and the high Atlas mountain chain.so, it is surrounded all around by the mountains that makes with sunrise splendid view that will capture you once you see it. Midelt also has Moulouya River. It elevate above the level of the sea by 1.503 meters makes it one of the highest large town in Morocco .One of the most natural magnificent landmarks is the spring at the foot of Jbel Alyachi.It constitute the main source of water in this city .Jbel Alyachi itself is a wonderful mountain which is the highest mountain in the city. It rises to the height of 3.757 meters above sea level. On its top, you can see many charming vultures.

Midelt Mountain

Midelt Mountain

Climate of Midlet

Midlet’s elevation above the sea level and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes its climate cool, makes its atmosphere splendid, and lovely in the summer .Midelt has the climate of the inland towns but also similar to the coastal cities’ climate. Its temperature in the summer is approximately 30 degrees Celsius.

In addition, the temperature in the winter is approximately 9 degrees Celsius. Snow there is common in winter and falls throughout the year but at moderate levels.


atlas mountain

Atlas Mountains

The history of Midelt

Midelt has been constricted in the first half of 20th century, during the French occupation; around a French administration post carry the same name. The French army has used it to mine of lead, gypsum and other minerals.

Its population census is 44,780, they speak both Arabic, and French as the rest of Moroccan cities. They are very hospitable and sociable.

Many amazing and exciting things can be found in midelt , also many activities can be done there, let us look: It is the main, amazing tourist activity you can do in this city if it is not in Morocco .as we clarified before that this city is surrounded by Atlas Mountains chains.

Therefore, you can do many exciting tours in this mountain. You will enjoy riding camels and feeding them. There are many guides who are very hospitable and who will guide you during your tour and make you do many local activities. You will be able to see springs at the foot of the mountain and enjoy in many Berber villages. It will be flawless tour You will feed monkey and learn about olive oil production.

berber architecture
berber architecture

berber architrecture

Desert Tours

There are many tours in the deserts. You will learn more about cultural and the architectural heritage of Morocco.

These tours are served as a package for a good price with a guide. You will camp in the desert and will watch the movement of brilliant stars in the sky. If you love astronomy, it will be suitable for you to take your telescope and spend exciting time watching the moon, meteor and planets in the clear sky of the deserts.

Moroccan Sahara

Moroccan Sahara

Workshop Kasbah Myriem

It is a splendid workshop for handy works. It has wonderful and charming craft works for good price.

workshop lala meryem

Workshop kasbah Myriem

Local flavors

You will have an amazing experience of tasting many local foods as “Bissara”: This soup is rich with dried beans and is topped with olive oil and served with fresh bread from oven.


Bissara Moroccan soup

Bisssara (Moroccan Soup)


It constitute of tomatoes,lentils,chickpeas and lamb, and it is completed with squeezing lemon juice and some chopped coriander and served with sticky sweet pretzel called chepakkiya.


Harira (Moroccan Soup)


One of the most important factors that attract people is to find a good hotel to stay in.Midelt has many of great hotels for cheap price. There is parking and free breakfast.

What are you waiting for!?

Have you ever been there?. If not I recommend this fantastic city for you. It will be amazing experience. You will take many charming photos and it will be a good memory.