It is the religious town of Moulay Idriss raising high in the Northern Morocco specifically in the Atlas Mountains on the top of two hills at the base foothills of Mount Zerhoun. Moulay Idriss city is considered the holiest place in Morocco since it is where the burial of Moulay Idriss el Akhbar exists.

Who is Moulay Idriss?

Moulay Idriss is the great grandson, the descendent, of prophet Muhammed. He left the Eastern part converting to the West in the sixth century. However, he reached Maghreb or what is now known (Morocco) supporting Berber tribes which lived in the Moroccan west turning into Islam. He is considered the founder of the Idrisi Dynasty, the fourth Muslim state in Morocco after Nekor, Barghawata and Midrar. The tomb of Moulay Idriss was rebuilt and renovated by Moulay Ismail (1672- 1727). However, it is a sacred burial place that non- Muslim people were not allowed to enter. As an alternative place to the Muslims pilgrimage to Mecca, Moulay Idriss is regarded the perfect choice for Muslim pilgrimage in the Arabic West. The instructions were tough; overnights were forbidden in the holy city till 2005 when the current King of Morocco, Muhammed VI, issued a decree permitting all people and foreign visitors of non- Muslims to enter the holy place of Moulay Idriss. This was a part of his Western-Moroccan friendship plan that made the Westerns know about Moulay Idriss more. The winding rough roads in the heart of the town may get you lost but they certainly take you to a splendid visit to Moulay Idriss. The complete scene of the sacred tomb is clearly seen from the nearby Volubilis. it is an exotic eye- catching picture to contemplate where numerous little colorful houses stand side by side on the top like a defensible spot.

City Of Moulay Idriss

City Of Moulay Idriss

Jbel Zerhoun

Jbel Zerhoun

Main Attractions in Moulay Idriss

If you are in Moulay Idriss, you probably will feel the narrowness of its roads that have authentic sacred breath. There are certain places you will enjoy visiting. The second destination after Moulay Idriss is Volubilis.


It is the Roman ruins where the place tells different old stories. The erected ancient pillars are huge similar to its sisters in Rome. Volubilis is chosen as the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its remarkable antiquity. The land there is tremendously rich so that inhabitants depend on agriculture as their first resource to survive. However, olive trees planting is the most familiar agriculture which is the main factor that made Romans prefer Volubilis other areas. Olive- oil is the town’s primary product that is exported to different parts of the world as well. Once you are in the old Roman city, there is a must- do activity of visiting the old Hammam trying a new spectacular experience. The Hammam is an old- living tradition where many authentic Arabic cities have such as, Damascus in Syria. Gathering with your friends in the spa- similar Hammam is relaxing. You will listen to various tales from women/ man chatting and singing. Enjoy it!




The Hammam

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Idriss Medersa

Unusual cylindrical shapes are made unique at the top of Idriss Medersa’s minaret. It is built in 1939 from the Roman materials left in Volubilis. The location is a religious and educational building situated in the middle of Moulay Idriss town where the green mosaics inscribe one of the Qur’an’s chapters. Moulay Idriss contains a various series of restaurants and inns; they are properly decorated collecting a plenty of Roman, French, Islamic, Andalusian and Berber cultures. They are really a piece of hand- made magic.

Idriss Medersa's Minaret

Idriss Medersa’s Minaret

What are you waiting for!?

A visit to the first Islamic capital in both the Arabic Maghreb and entire Africa as well is a rich experience where the historical value of Moulay Idriss place is achieved. However, it is true that is a tiny little town but it an authentic tale that dates back long in time which is still especially unique.

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