Agadir is an important city in Morocco, its location on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the Atlas Mountains makes this city very pleasant place to visit, and the views there are unforgettable.

It is the capital of the Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane Prefecture and of the Souss-Massaeconomic region, the most language spoken there is  Shilha/Tashelhit, a Berber language of the Atlas branch.

“ Agadir” meaning:

The name Agadir is a Berber noun means “wall, enclosure, fortified building, citadel”, in Morocco many towns are named Agadir, and this name is very common in Morocco even for inhabitants.

Agadir city

Agadir city

Climate and Economy of Agadir:

Agadir has a sup tropical-semiarid climate, it has a warm summer and mild winter, its location along the Atlantic Ocean gives it a very temperate climate.

During winter Agadir is entirely covered with rainfalls, December is considered as the wettest month, and sometimes this region faces strong winds from the Sahara desert.

Fishing and tourism are the main economic activities in Agadir; also, this city has one of the biggest souks in Morocco, Souk Al Ahad.

Agadir Fishing Port

Agadir Fishing Port

Agadir Culture and Transportation:

The main cultural event that is held is Agadir is a festival of Amazigh and music from all around the world, and The Morocco Movement association is involved in the arts and organizes concerts, exhibitions and meetings in the visual arts, design, music, graphic design, photography, environment and health.

Many other cultural events happens in Agadir, such as:

Noiz Makerz concert of urban music, Breaking South national break-dancing championship, International Documentary Film Festival in November (FIDADOC), Film Festival for immigration, International Festival of University Theatre of Agadir, Concert for Tolerance (November), Festival of Laughter.

22 kilometers from the city, you can find Al Massira Airport; also, this city is served by ALSA, which provides bus services in Agadir.

Now I think you have a good idea about the location, economic, importance, history and culture about the amazing city in Morocco, now it is time to introduce the most amazing places that you can visit in Agadir:

Argan Oil - Agadir

Argan Oil – Agadir

Agadir Bus

Agadir Bus

Attractive Places And Things To DO in Agadir:

1-Paradise Valley: 

An untouched nature sight in Agadir, you will go for an amazing journey through the Atlas Mountains to reach there, it is located in the heart of the palm grove, and many small Berber villages can be found there.

It is amazing calm, peaceful and this journey can bring back the brightness to your life, do not miss  🙂

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley

2-Sunset Boat Trip:

When staying in Agadir, you will get the chance to enjoy an amazing sunset from the ocean abroad a boat with friends or family.

The wind and ocean waves at Agadir bay will make your experience even better.

Sunset Camel Riding

Sunset Camel Riding

3-Crocoparc Agadir:

A very big parc where you can find different kinds of crocodiles, also there is a big crocodile head at the main entrance of the parc!!

The amazing, unique project in Agadir contains more than 300 kinds of Nil crocodiles.

In addition, it is known for the great design inside, and it offers the opportunity to sit and watch many different crocodiles all together.

Very interesting believe me 🙂

Crocoparc Agadir

Crocoparc Agadir

4-Souk El Had d’Agadir:

A smaller version Djemaa El Fna, inside this souk you will find the best fruits and vegetates, it is called in Morocco the “fruit market”.

Souk El Had d'Agadir

Souk El Had d’Agadir

5-Agadir Kasbah  And Beach:

This great Kasbah was the old Agadir, but after the earthquake in 1960, it is only ruins.

An excellent view for Agadir and the beach can be shown from this place, the ruins of old castle and the camel rides will make your journey even better.

The best time to visit this place is at sunset, the view is stunning; do not forget to buy a souvenir when you are there.

Agadir beach At Night

Agadir beach At Night

Agadir Kasbah

Agadir Kasbah

A lot more is waiting for you in Agadir, and we will let you discover and then come back here and write for us what else you found exciting in Agadir!

If you have been there before, tell us about your visit, and what souvenirs you bought?

Tell us if it was a nice visit or you regretted for it?

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