If you are looking for a city to spend your holiday in, I recommend Nador city for you It is one of the most tourist, hospitable city you could ever find The nature there and the climate, will give you a great experience that you will never forget, and in this article we are going to highlight the most attractive places in Nador.

The geography of Nador 

Nador is a city, which lies in the northeast of Morocco .Its limitations, is the Nkur River in the west, Mouloun River in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the north so it is coastal city, surrounded by rivers and the sea.

The climate of the city 

It is beautiful city and it has semi-desert climate in which rainfalls irregularly .It is coastal city which overlooking the Mediterranean Sea .The temperature is between 9 and 32 degrees Celsius. Its population census is 180.000 population .People there are hospitable and accustomed to the presence of tourists in their midst since antiquity.

wondeful view -Nador city

Wonderful View -Nador

Where the name came from? 

It was named after the Nador tribe, which has lived there many years ago. It has been used as a war base during the countryside war against Spain .Nador had played an important role in liberation the country from the Spanish occupation.

Nador 1929

Nador 1929

Transport system in Nador 

It has a well-organized transport system and abundant transport means including a railway system. It also has an international airport. What makes it amazing city that it is full of lakes and mountains, which make a mixture that, will charms you.



The Most attractive places to visit in Nador

Nador has been classified as one of the best tourist cities. There are many wonderful things to see in Nador. Such as:

Monte Gurugu:

Which is a mountain when you climb it and stand on its top you will be able to see the Spanish land and Spanish coastal cities. It has an old Spanish fort on its top. There is also a forest where you could find some wild animals

Monte Gurugu

Monte Gurugu

Reed of Silwan

Which is one of the most magnificent historical landmarks .It was built in 1679 as defensive line to protect Nador from many brutal tribes and Spanish occupation.

reed of silwan

Reed of Silwan

Being coastal city, it has many fascinating beaches as:

Charrana Beach:

Which are recommended by many tourists. It is good beach for good price

charanna beach

Charrana Beach

Bocana Beach: 

You can go swimming, diving and take sunbath as it has shining sun.

Bocana beach

Bocana Beach


This beach has shells that stacked in large quantities. The sunset there is spectacular


Mar Chica

 You can do all kinds of sports on the fascinating beaches of this city like water skinning and beach volleyball. You can try the beach baggy .you can also practice aqua sports there is many natural amazing landscaped. It is surrounded from all sides by mountains chains.

Have you ever been to Nador

Have you ever visited this city? Do you intend to visit this amazing, splendid city?  After all this, and you still hesitate to visit this paradise. You will never regret. It will be an amazing experience. This is the best choice to spend your next holiday

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