It is an ancient Moroccan historical city. Located on the top of Mount Zarhoun. It is three kilometers from the west of the city (Moulay Idriss Zarhoun). In addition, this city has a special attraction Because of the rest of her civilization. Volubilis has a strong and great civilization with many characteristics. The site of volubilis has a rocky components and it is very special. This city draws the features of an old city with all of its characteristics and in front of this Great civilization the Tourists and visitors when they visit the place they get amazed because of the beautiful and strong civilization in this place. The site has many ruins, arches, gates And so on. and These places attract thousands of Tourists Who come from all over the world and even from the kingdom itself to discover and enjoy the beautiful nature in “volubilis” Because it have a historical, cultural and environmental character. Human settled in this place because of the availability of many conditions the most important of these conditions is, its Availability of water, agricultural land and building materials. Historical sources have mentioned Volubilis in many of them. Many buildings and some different monuments have been uncovered such as pots and coins.

History and Climate:

Volobliss crossed three stages: The (almuria) phase then (the Roman) and then the (post Roman).and in 1997, it was registered in the World Heritage Sites. As for the city’s climate, it is considered a warm and mild in the winter and the rising rate of rainfall in the month of December. Moderate in the summer but not harsh. In addition, the mast warmer month during the year is the month of August. As for the inhabitants of the city: The total population within the city, about 70 thousand people its inhabitants depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Moreover,

Where did the name come from?

The reason for the naming of Volubilis or (Oualili). The origin of this name is supposed to be barbaric, it is derived from Oualili, and this name means a kind of flowers that bears the name (pink oleander). It was said that (Oualili) came from (Alili) which means baby.



How to reach there

The road to (oualili) from Meknes and on the way, the bus passes over (Wadi Khouman) Bridge and on the right, the tomb of King (Moulay Idriss 1). Then the city of (Volubilis).and the visitor can read on the metal road plate Volubilis with beautiful Latin characters. {The city has irresistible charm because of Moroccan history began here}

The Most attractive places to visit in volubilis

1-Temple of “Capitol” and the “public square”:

 The Temple Capitol is the first building discovered in “Oualili” and On the north there is the “Basilica of the Court” and two small streets on the south and east from it , this nature that created this beautiful view of the Temple and the climb to this building is through the ladder} it consists of thirteen steps. The upper part of the ladder is the entrance of the temple. {This temple has a magnificent view}. In addition, in this neighborhood you can visit the public square (alfurum). Court was built on one of the aspects of the arena so they are interconnected. This court consists the main hall Surrounded by four corridors and it ends with three halls in the north and south. You can also visit magnificent bathrooms in the Capitol with an area of 460 square meters.



2- Houses of the Eastern Quarter:

 You can visit the Eastern Quarter Where there is a business house (Hercules) and this house has a wonderful shape and a large area this home is one of the most important and most beautiful houses in “oualili”. There is also the “Main channel” it is a public and important entity in “oualili”.

Old House "walili"

Old House “walili”

3 – District named the “The Hill”:

What distinguishes that region is…{The area has public buildings and privacy} Among the private buildings the Temple (c) and  this temple consists of a large yard and it contains bathrooms Which is the largest bath discovered so far in “oualili” and an area of 1500 square meters . It consists three heated halls and Cool halls. In addition, dedicated rooms for services. Moreover, a dedicated gymnasium {it has an area of 320 square meters}, a house decorated with mosaics.

walili view

walili view

4 – Triumphal arch:

In this district there is a house called “Teen boy” and this house is different from any other house, In terms of space and the design and the Organization. In addition, it has a different beautiful and special attraction.

Triumphal Arc

Triumphal Arch

5 – “Orfe” House:

It is a very beautiful house, this house can be accessed from two doors, and there is a range of rooms decorated with paintings mosaic there is its own bathrooms and it is accessed from two entrances from inside the house and from the street. It has a wonderful view.

Orf House

ORFE House

Have you ever been to volubilis “oualili”

This city has many wonderful buildings and there is a defensive wall of the city and this wall has 8 doors and it Surrounded by greenery.

 This city contains special historical and touristic importance, and it is one of the most popular sites for tourists.

 Are you one of the lovers of this region?Have you ever visited this area before? It is one of the most important archaeological areas in the world

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