Traveling to morocco is a unique experience by all means, that’s why you should try to know As much as possible about the country and its people, so that you wouldn’t miss anything, or have any issues with the authorities or the people, here’s ten helpful information about the country and its people.


Moroccan travel regulations

american passport

The good news about Moroccan travel regulations is that almost all English speakers can get into a Moroccan territory without any Visa requirements except for South Africans. Your only required official document is a valid passport. A blank page is needed in your passport for an official stamp at the customs.


Local Phone networks

You can have a local SIM card and a cell phone with a very cheap price (pay 20 USD and you are done, for a less features phone and the SIM!, about 2$ for the sim). You can make and receive as many phone calls and text messages as you are intending to and it is absolutely easy and cheap.

major local networks in Morocco


Vaccine against viruses


You are not required to have any special kind of vaccination before being able to have access to the Moroccan land. You are probably supposed to undergo various vaccination procedures in your country, which is very sufficient for you to keep healthy and fit.


The official Moroccan currency

Dirham is the official Moroccan currency. You can withdraw your money using an ATM with Moroccan Dirham and a transaction fee of about 3% is included. Do not panic! Dirham rate is quite good and steady.

Moroccan currency dirhams


Restrictions on religious rituals

a Moroccan church

No restrictions are imposed on foreigners if they want to practice their religious rituals. As a tourist, you will have your total rights to behave normally and according to your own lifestyle and convictions as far as you are respecting the others rights.


Moroccans are highly skilled in languages!

You will not find any difficulty communicating in the English language because it is widely understood by Moroccan people. Yes! In fact Moroccans are highly skilled in languages and they master a mixture of them in addition to Arabic and local dialects. Exceptionally, in a minority of rural areas you may encounter some difficulties in communication. However, the local guides can solve the problem in seconds.


Taking Photos

camel trekking in the desert morocco

If you want to take photos anywhere, try to ask for permission first because some of them are payable. If you would like for example to take a photo of a snake charmer, that will cost you around 20 DH or maybe more.


Buying souvenirs

If you want to get souvenirs, try to make sure they are originally made and try to avoid fake copies because some of them really have poor quality. You can find leather products and carpets in Fez whereas fragrances, spices and oils are widely known in Marrakech.

moroccan balgha : a custom shoes for djellaba for men and women with different styles


Friendly People!

a moroccan man wear a desert djellaba

Moroccans seem to be very friendly folks even with animals. Every Moroccan street is full of lovely kittens. You can notice people feeding them and treating them very warmly. This information has been reported in many tourists’ memories!


 Dress appropriately

moroccan women clothing

The Moroccans are so friendly, respectful, accept others cultures and mentalities. At the same time they are conservative, most of the people dress decent and shy, some of them consider Short dress a disrespect for their culture and traditions that is why consider wearing decent clothes, especially in the small towns and villages, and the Holy places.

    The previously sited points are the major expectations you may encounter during your dreamy trip. So, get prepared to any of these or maybe other situations to behave adequately and make your trip a real success!,
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