Although it is situated in a desert region, it has one of the most exotic and tasty cuisines in the world!….Morocco is a crossroad between Africa, Europe and the Middle East which gives the Moroccan food a real sense of variety and richness …Nearly everything used in the Moroccan cuisine is locally grown. Street food is also spread across the country. It is within the reach of everybody who is in need to get rapid and friendly service.

Top famous Moroccan dishes!


What is a tajine?

Tajine is the name of the distinctively shaped cooking container and at the same time, it is the name of the dish, too. It is uniquely Moroccan. Tajine does not need to be stirred. Ingredients are arranged together inside with a mix of spices and a bit of water. Then, tajin is covered and left to simmer. Everybody in the family can help in its preparation.


Couscous is a legend!


Flour quickly turned into a meal called couscous. It is known all over the world and it is served in special occasions with meat and a tasty sauce. The secrets of couscous making are known and mastered by every Moroccan lady.

‘Lougma’ is a very local term used to describe the way Moroccans roll down couscous in their hand and send it to their mouths. Tourists are often engaged in this lovely experience!

Moroccan Traditional Couscous

Roasted lamb

Roasted lamp or ‘mechoui’ is a treasure taste in Morocco. It is cooked vertically inside a very deep oven inside the soil looking just like a well.  There is no better way to eat lamb than to roast it.

It is smoky, rich and addictively greasy.

Moroccan Roasted Lamb with Pomegranate and Roasted Vegetable Couscous

A Sheep is a treasure!

Moroccan people are professional investors in every part of a slaughtered sheep’s body! It is funny but very true:

– Steamed sheep’s head is flavored with many spices and made even more tender and appealing to hungry eaters! If you are new to the Moroccan cuisine, you may get surprised to know that you can eat the whole thing even the eyebrows! It is a very popular street food.

-there is a special soup prepared in distinct corners of medina which is only made by bones! No meat is used yet it has an incredibly great taste.

– The tongue, the liver and the pancreas of a sheep makes a great takeaway or street food.

Moroccan Lamb Stew

Moroccan bread

Bread oven is one of the deep reflections of real Moroccan identity. Ovens are found everywhere across the country. It is baked in a traditional underground oven and it is absolutely delicious. Its sells out within minutes of delivery.

Khobz : the traditional Moroccan Bread

Salad and desserts!

While salad would serve as a light appetizer, your complete enjoyment of a Moroccan dish will not be achieved until you have your dessert that can consist of any raw fruit, cookies or oriental pastries.

Many choices are put at your disposal but most of us would like to have something raw, sweet and juicy rather than dried fruits.

Moroccan Sliced Oranges with Cinnamon

Olives and pickled food

Moroccan narrow passages lead you to a real wealth of foods and drinks!  The smelling of fresh food is everywhere. Violet olives are traditionally cooked with meat whereas green olives are cooked with chicken. In addition to that, Moroccans like pickled food.

Chicken with Olives and Preserved Lemon

Moroccan Seafood

A wide range of seafood options are found in coastal areas where you can buy your favorite fish then have it cooked with a very low price. In addition to that, snails are very popular in Morocco!

Moroccan fish vendors

moroccans Drinks:

The sacred mint tea!

Mint tea is prepared in front of the guest….It is a lot more than mint tea!, it is sacred in the Moroccan community. It served hot, fresh and sparkling with its golden bubbles. It can be picked up from any beverage provider and with a low cost. Family celebrations are worth attending if crowned with hot sparkling teacups!

Moroccan mint tea


Juice is widely available with many tastes and the street vendor would allow you to see the whole procedure of squeezing fresh fruits to make sure it applies hygiene measures…You will absolutely enjoy the sweet, raw glass of rapidly prepared juice.

Moroccan juices

Honey and Dates

Honey sellers have a wealth of various honey kinds with a legendary quality. Mountain honey mix is available and there are about thirty different varieties of dates between fresh and dried choices. Honey and dates have a real significance for Muslims around the world and sometimes they present real medication rivals.

Moroccan Honey
Moroccan cuisine is a real attraction for both locals and visitors. Why not get engaged in the experience and take some time to enjoy the taste?
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