Morocco is a country with a rich and ancient culture, the uniqueness of its heritage is what distinguishes the land the most. In terms of variety, there are many aspects which can be talked about, for example, history, literature, science and arts. However, the Moroccan cuisine is one of the most important features presenting many distinctive dishes. One of the most famous Moroccan dishes is couscous. This conventional dish has become widely known in Arab and even foreign countries.

History of Couscous and its Origin:


The origin of couscous is uncertain. Many have talked about the its origin that may have been invented by the Berbers. The first references issued about the dish were written by an anonymous in the 13th-century included by the North African cookbook. In the 13th century, a historian from Syria, Aleppo wrote about couscous in references that were four.

These mentions were the first to talk about the dish of couscous which show the rapid spread of couscous. Today, couscous is known among the Arab world countries, but in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco couscous is unique. However, Morocco represents the most delicious well-known dish of couscous. It has spread also in Western and Central Africa. Still, couscous is the national dish which introduces the Maghreb countries into the international cuisine.

In the 16th century, Turkey also welcomed couscous behind its contact with Syria. In 1699, January 12, France, Brittany, a letter heavily mentioned couscous and its wide spread. It also seems that couscous have North African origins. Back to the   10th century, an archaeological evidences covers the kitchen utensils needed and used to prepare couscous; they have been found in North Africa. However, steaming grain over a broth in a special pot is a process of making food considered to be fist found in North Africa especially the western part of it. Despite the large spread of couscous in different countries, Morocco is the main producer and considered as the original source of the dish.

Moroccan Traditional Couscous

Moroccan Traditional Couscous

Moroccan Couscous On Friday

Moroccan Couscous On Friday

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How to make couscous:


Recipes of making couscous are many. Despite the outstanding spread of the dish in various countries, the Moroccan couscous remains the original and the most delicious one. However, here we will present the tasty preparation Moroccan method for a dish of couscous that can’t be forgotten.


-Instant couscous
-Butter/ olive oil



Couscous Making
Couscous Making

Couscous Making

  1. Boil the water and add butter to a high heat saucepan.
  2. provide the Couscous with salt in the pan. Stir it till the couscous got moist. Make sure the couscous absorbs the water enough till it is not crunchy anymore. then, cover the pan.
  3. Check the couscous after 10 minutes before serving and with a fork break the couscous apart.


  • Microwave Version: into a bowl, provide the couscous. Then, bring the water to the boil and pour it over the couscous inside the microwave. Stir to moisten, and with a plastic wrap cover the bowl, then wait 10 minutes. You can fluff now and serve.
  • Toasted Couscous: Another way to get the couscous more flavored is to toast it. Toasting, however gives the dish a special taste. In the saucepan, you can melt the butter/ olive oil. Till it smells fragrantly toasty, stir in the couscous and separately boil the water. Then, over the couscous, pour it.
  • Spiced Couscous: for a more tasty and flavorful couscous, add more Moroccan spices that give uniqueness to the dish.

According to many of the visitors and tourists who had come to Morocco, this dish has a particular popularity among all other dishes because of its special taste. However, every Moroccan house offers couscous till it became a symbol of Morocco around the world. For health, couscous is also very beneficial since it contains grains and many ingredients that are rich providing protein and vitamins.

If you visit Morocco, you have to taste this delicious dish and don’t forget to share your experience about the Moroccan cuisine with your friends once you come back home.

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