One of the oldest Moroccan traditions is Moroccan tea, which is considered a cultural habit for Moroccans.

You might think it is an ordinary cup of tea with some biscuits! But in matter fact it is not, Moroccans have their own traditions and cultural that can be shown in the smallest parts of life there.

First of all, you must know that offering tea to you means that you are welcome and that is the friendly sign for Moroccans, traditions say that the male-head of the family should make and offer the tea for you, while the woman is preparing the food.

Green tea leaves usually make the tea and then they mix it with mint leaves, and the taste is unforgettable 🙂

Everything in Morocco has its own story and history, continue reading to check

The story of Moroccan mint tea:

Historians disagreed at the beginning with the reference to the belief that tea was linked to Moroccan culture. Although some say it may be before the twelfth century, others assert that it was until the late eighteenth century. The latter is right, Moroccans rushed to stick to drinking tea as their own standard, making Morocco one of the best traders of tea around the world.

Moroccan mint tea

Moroccan mint tea

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While offering the tea for the visitors, special traditions are taken:

In some official occasions, do not sit before the plate by two-tea kettle, various herbs, dried green tea leaves, sugar, and water.

The host begins by washing the teakettle, and then add the sugar to the ports and fills it with burning water. The tea submerges for a few minutes before it is mixed, and then, the host fills the tea glasses halfway while pouring all the while from the two pots. The casting is usually made of a statue of twelve inches or more.

Making Tea

Making Tea

While visitors drink the first cup of tea, which is very solid, the host will recharge the pots with more tealeaves and sugar.

As will be added modest huge bouquets of new mint, and then, the host again fills pots with bubbling water. This is the second bowl of tea, fragrant with mint and generally intensively flavored, which spread popular inside and outside Morocco.

However, the tea service does not stop there. In the desert habit, a third bowl is generally mixed while the second is appreciated, making lunchtime long, and relaxing work.

Some changes for this tradition:

At old days, the mint tea was usually prepared in front of the guests and they get to watch each part of this process, but that was changes, now a day the tea is prepared most likely at the kitchen, and then brought to the guests.

In addition, the guests might get the chance to try making the tea himself or herself, or maybe learning to do so!

This new, different experience cannot be found at any other place than Morocco, and you will not feel the importance of this tradition unless you looked at your host eyes, that is when you will truly discover what is Moroccan mint tea is.

Moroccan Tea Pouring

Moroccan Tea Pouring

If you have ever been to Morocco and tasted their tea, do not forget to tell us about this experience, tell us your story there from arriving to your host house until the moment you tasted your fist cup of tea, your story is so important for us.

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