Morocco has been misrepresented through the last centuries , and these representations had a bad effects on the Moroccan identity and culture . There are many reasons behind these incorrect ideas and misconceptions about Morocco and its culture that will be mentioned latter . These misconceptions helps in affecting , defiling the true image of Morocco in all over the world , and the way in which Moroccans are shaped and viewed . These misrepresentations is very provoking for Moroccans , because they are not that kind of people which are represented . However , in this article we try to sump up some of these ideas and misconceptions about the Moroccan kingdom . So that Moroccans Slough from it , and helps in correcting this wrong vision about it .

Where is Morocco !

Morocco is an African country , which is located in the north west if Africa . It overlooks the Mediterranean sea to the north and the Atlantic ocean to the west . In opposite to what others think , as it is an African country with black people . Yet , Morocco is a rich country with a mixture of cultures , traditions , color skins  ,etc . It is also a developing country with a lot of big investments , projects , festivals , and not a country of Negros and Harem as some people think . Morocco is becoming more and more popular as a vocation spot in all over the world .

Wearing a headscarf !

 Some people when they hear that  ” Morocco ” is an Arab country , and its religion is Islam it comes to their mind that they have to act the same way as the Moroccans do . For the majority of people , wearing a headscarf and covering their  whole body is a must  when they  go to Morocco . Yet  , the latter it does not exist  in real life of the Moroccans .

 People should know a little bit about this issue , because it is very important . So ,that they may change this inexistence misconception . That is to say that even though the Moroccan religion is Islam , and headscarf is considered as one of the components of Islam , it is not  a must . Wearing a headscarf  during your stay in Morocco is not obligatory  .

The Islam religion is a religion of peace and tolerance , because Muslims are very welcomed people for all religions . That is why ,  most of the Moroccan women wear headscarf , and they accept others as they are . Moroccans are very respectful .

To make this idea clearer , in Morocco , there is no real restrictions especially in the cities . That is to say , Morocco is one of the most liberal Muslim country , and Moroccans are very open minded , with a welcoming nature of the others . Yet , visitors should at least respect the Moroccan culture and religion so that  to be respected too .

Asilah Bech

Moroccan haik (traditional clothes)

Asilah Bech

Moroccan hospitality

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Morocco is all desert !

Morocco is all desert ”  is a debatable matter , even in the 20 century . People still believing in the old sayings , that Morocco is made up of desert . Believing that Morocco is all sand , and nothing else .

However , this idea is  widely spread  among non Moroccans that Morocco is all desert , and that Moroccan still uses camels to travel from one place to another .

In fact , When visitors dig deeper into Morocco they get surprised , because  the landscape in Morocco is very diversified through the country  .  At that time they fathomed that they were wrong .

Forsooth , in Morocco, there is only one  part of  which is made up of the Sahara desert , and not all of Morocco . In other words , the Sahara  desert is located in the south of Morocco , and it covers a small range of the Moroccan landscape . It is a very popular with its south cities , and botanical  atmosphere .

Morocco is a rich country with a lot of things to discover . In addition to the Sahara desert , Morocco has many other different  landscapes such as Atlas Mountains , cities , beautiful forests , and many other wonderful places .



Sidi Kaouki beach

Morocco desert

Sidi Kaouki beach


Polygamy !

 Polygamy has been like a stigma for the Arab countries , because of many reasons. Yet , it can not be denied that some Arabian countries still marry four women at the same time without any excuses .

Polygamy is strongly connected to Moroccans and Arabs in general , because the way in which Arabs were represented in the colonial era . Most of non Arabs still shaped the Arabs as passive , still use candles instead of electricity , a patriarchal Society .

The non Arabs think that Moroccan men do marry many women at the same time as in any other Arabian country . In fact , polygamy is almost not practical in Morocco . It is an uncommon practice among Moroccans ، and  legal restrictions limit it . Morocco’s law discourages polygamy . So that the majority of men in Morocco marry only one woman , except when the woman died , or has a health problem .


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Moroccan wedding

Everyone Is Poor !

Everyone is poor in Africa is a kind of generalization . There are many African countries which still suffer , and lack the necessary means of life . Yet , Morocco is not one of them .

The economic rate in Morocco is stable , and sufficient for most of Moroccans . It offers a lot of job opportunities, with many facilities . So , that Everyone can live a peace life .

Asilah Bech

There are many other Moroc

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