To know about other people culture, traditions, how they think and what they beliefs is highly important and useful. It is the most thing that you must know and learn about it. These things like the treasures of civilizations. One of these cultures you must know is Morocco’s culture. It is interesting, beautiful culture that you will enjoy it. Morocco means in the first place the far west.

Culture is represented in many things as arts, music, food, language, architecture, clothing, education and celebrations. All these things if you know them, you will get the culture of Morocco.

Arts in Morocco

Arts include literature and the theatre. Literature first appears in the middle ages, at the time of flowering Al-Andalus. Some of most famous legends and literature works are Aisha Qandisha and Djinn, genies in English. There are many books and poems especially in the religious field. There are also many crafts works at Art Galleries of Morocco which is place for many local and international works of arts that will capture you in seconds. Tourists come to Morocco to its wonderful, charming handcrafted pottery, rugs, jewelry, drums and carved stone. There are many museums that contain many Moroccan statues and paintings. You must see these things. You will never regret.

Zellij Art


Moroccan Music

Music in Morocco is very varied, and contain many types. It depend on the geographic location of the region you will be at, but in all cases, you will hear music of Andalusia, Berber, Rai, chaabi and Gnawa.

Andalusian music: it comes from Al-Andalus and it dates back to 9th century. It is a mixture of Arab and Spanish music that Moroccan people called Al-Ala. It is considered as classical music. In this type of music many instruments are used as violin, lute and other instruments. Moroccan people listen to it during religious events. It is performed by men in traditional clothing. It is just wonderful music

Berber music: it comes from Berber. The main instruments are the Bendir, which looks like rounded drum Banjo. It had been revived thanks to the Berber musician. So you may want to go and revive this gorgeous kind of music. It undergoes many changes as women can now play it.

Rai music: it comes from Algeria and if you want to listen to it, you had better to go to the eastern part of the country and especially the city of Oujda. It had been famous since the death of Algerian singer Cheb Hosni.

Chaabi music: it is the pop music as the most Moroccan people listen to it. It express the people’s feelings and political views. You can hear such fantastic music in festive occasions, widening and any social gathering.

Gnawa music: it is a mixture between Arab, Berber and African lyrics so Arabs themselves can’t know its lyrics. It appeared first at 16th century. If you in Morocco don’t miss Gnawa festival in the city of Essaouira in the southern part of the country. It uses drums, locally it is called tabla, and castanets. It had undergone many changes and developments as Jazz music had been added to it.

Make sure when you visit Morocco to know where and when the festivals are held. There are many such as festival of Mawazine in the city of Rabat and you can also enjoy the festival of scared music in the city of Fez

Andalousie Music

Andalousie Music

Ahidous - Berber dance

Ahidous – Berber dance

Gnawa Dance

Gnawa Dance

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National Celebrations

They are represents holidays in Morocco such as

National Day: independence from France and Spain in 1956 (18- November)

Eid Sghir: the end of Ramadan

Eid Kbir: Eid-Al-Adha Dates Varies on lunar cycle

There are also National Folklore Festival in Marrakech and Festival of roses.

Moroccan children celebrate The Night of Destiny Ramadan

Moroccan children celebrate The Night of Destiny Ramadan

Common celebrations 

At any celebration, you will find music is played. The people are gathering and sing the songs and you will find some of folk dance and drums are beaten and lute and kamanja are played. There are also the charmer of the snakes at the cities. They are there to fascinate the tourists.

Charmer of snakes

Charmer of snakes

Moroccan Marriage

At first, the economic condition and social class of groom and the bride must be at the same level. When all thing is ok and they agreed on the furniture, the house and the dowry. The wedding begins and the bride is stained with henna on her feet and hands.

Moroccan Henna Ceremony

Moroccan Henna Ceremony

Moroccan Architecture

Architecture of Morocco is a mixture of African and Islamic styles. We can see this mixture in all the architecture of Morocco. You can see that Morocco had many historical events through the castles and the palaces that are prevalent the desserts. This mixture also prevalent the interior of any house . Most of cities there have the Madinah style which is constitute of large wall encloses an area of houses and markets. It the style that we see in the movies that show historic story and events. The furniture in these homes is at the floor level with pillow covering the walls. The outside of the buildings is not important for Moroccan people but inside must be well decorated. Other part of the town are constructed like French and European style. There are also in each town Arab mosques which is tall building and very delicate style.

Telouet Kasbah

Telouet Kasbah

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Book your Morocco trip with FriendlyMorocco expert team. We have wide selections of tours to choose from. The tours we provide are are well-organized to suit every passenger’s needs. It is also possible to customize your tours. Feel free to contact us to get a quote or for more info!

Moroccan Food

There are two basic foods in Morocco, couscous and Harira soup.

Couscous: a dish of granulated Seminole grains which is topped with mutton and veal and variety of tomatoes and pimentos. It is eaten by all the social classes of Morocco. We may call this food the National Dish.

Harira soup: it is constitute of water, bouillon, meat or mutton, onions, saffron, and salt.

The main fruits that are eaten are the delicious figs and dates

Breakfast is mainly bread with olive oil and after it you can have mint tea or coffee.

Lunch is basically tajine which is stew, a mixture of meat and vegetables, cooked on the steam

Dinner is harira soup and bread

Cakes and desserts also are delicious in Morocco some of it made from fruits.

There are also foods that is French or European sold in the big markets in big cities as some of these food are banded by Islamic law.

You must go and try this majestic food. You will taste many new amazing local foods. Moroccan people are famous for their hospitability and their generosity. If you are there and met some Moroccan family they may introduce you pastille or mechoui

Pastille is a lovely pastry filled with meat, egg, and nuts and on its face there are some sugar

Mechoui: is a lamb which is roasted and sometimes you will find in it some couscous

You will eat gorgeous food and try other flavors you haven’t tried before


Moroccan couscous




Pastille-Traditional food



The most charming attractive tradition is:


Folklore is the dance inside Morocco and varies fin different areas and it has many types

The Ahwash

The dance comes from the High Atlas and Ourzazate regions. At first, you will find a woman stand without any move and men are around her. Each man has rounded drum. Then, suddenly men cry and beat their drums and the woman begin to dance and this appearance increase in speed gradually until the end of the song.

The Ouais

You can dance it on Middle Eastern song and it looks like the ballet dance. The instrument in it is mainly the orchestra and there is person hit the ground with some rod like material. It is wonderful dance you would like to try it.

The Ait Bodar

What makes it special that there are men stand as one row and move backward and forward as one person and they hold the arm of each other.

Ha Ha

The only instrument that is used in this dance is a flute with the sound of hands clapping and feet stamp the ground.

 The fantasia

If you want to see a horse dance, you must go and try the Fantasia dance. It is wonderful. It is done on the back of the horse. At first, there is a procession of a woman on the back of the horse and behind her men. And after the procession is completed the Fantasia begins.


taza folklore tborida



fantasie " Tborida "

fantasie ” Tborida “

What are you waiting for!?

What an attractive culture to learn about! It is very amusing and charming you should try to do some of these traditions. Have you ever done one before?

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