One of the amazing traditions in Morocco is Hanna Tattoo. It is amazing, magnificent tradition that you should definitely try all your life.

What is the meaning of Hanna Tattoo?


It is a very delightful design that some artists draw on your skin. You can see these designs on the Moroccan women whenever there are occasions as weddings and holidays. Some of the women get tattoo on their feet and hands and others get tattoo on the entire body.



Why are they doing it?

In Islam, it is banned to make permanent tattoo so they do henna as temporary tattoo instead of permanent one. Others have beliefs that this henna tattoo protect you from illness and evil eye. Berber people say it brings good luck. So try to do it. May it do this?

moroccan henna fingers

moroccan henna fingers

When is it done?

Henna tattoo has become a part of celebrations and festivals as


In which people are decorated with Henna

The night just before weddings

The Berber marriage that include a henna tattoo and in the center of it there is the name of the groom.

You may find many celebrations in wish henna is used. In all cases you will try amazing attractive and cultural experience you will never regret.

Moroccan Henna Ceremony

Moroccan Henna Ceremony

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Where can you find such wonderful henna tattoo Artists in Morocco?


There are many artists in Rabat, and near the Ouday city that will charm you with styles and designs they will draw on your hand. The artists there use syringe to draw and will draw many delicate flowers on your hands and feet. After the artists are done, the tattoo is left for hours to dry. It usually last for a week but you should keep it out of the water.

In Marrakech, you will see many women that will show you a book contains charming prepossessing designs and you will choose the best of it and the most one that suit you and express your personality.

Jemma El Fna square

In Agadir, henna artists will be found in Agadir beach.

In addition, there are many talented artists in all Moroccan cities and towns

Henna ladies in Marrakech

Henna ladies in Marrakech

henna body

henna body

I recommend this experience that you will never ever forget . How amazing thing! You can take your girlfriend or your family and wife and spend your next holiday their getting many wonderful designs and tattoos. They will be grateful for this gorgeous experience and you will have fantastic holiday returning to the home with many tattoos on your hands, feet, finger tips or may be on your whole body. You can take many pictures there and share your friends the designs and tattoos telling them more about this tradition and culture they may would like to go to try it once.


Have you been in morocco ever? Did you try the henna tattoo ever?, share your experience with us, and share this essay with your friends

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