Many have longed for a time of leisure and freedom away from the thought of being locked down. Travel bans and restrictions have taken their toll on travel lovers and almost everyone else. The pandemic has cast its shadows over the dreams of travelers. Their lists of travel destinations had to be made short if not removed at once. But the corona clouds that have darkened the sky are now clearing up. In spite of the travel restrictions that are still in place, people can now enjoy the feeling of packing their bags, arranging their flights, and anticipating the excitement of a great holiday.

Health is a primary concern, and so is enjoying life. Before you start planning your travel, there are certain things you should take into consideration. Tourism in the post-corona era has undergone some changes as a result of many challenges faced by people and the industry of tourism. Travelers are now more expected to be fully aware of their health condition, their country’s travel regulations and those of their destination country. Similarly, the industry is expected to prioritize health concerns and the personal needs of tourists. It is now part of any person’s travel planning to think of safety measures, vaccination, and the health situation in the host country.

Morocco is a top-rated tourist destination worldwide. You may at some occasion have heard of Casablanca or Marrakesh; these are names of places that have long been on the minds of travelers and adventurers seeking an intense experience of immersion into an exotic culture. Given its geographical location, its political stability, its cultural diversity, and the famed hospitality of its people, Morocco has gained a reputation of being a place you must see at least once in your life.
In this article, we will look into why you should visit Morocco now and why Morocco is a great post-corona travel destination

1. Morocco: a better public health situation

As more and more people receive vaccination, travel restrictions have been eased. Touristic activity in many parts of the world has gained some of its former strength. Recent statistics show that 50% of the Moroccan population is fully vaccinated. The nationwide vaccination campaign has been successful in creating strong public awareness of the importance of the safety measures that have been implemented. This surely does not imply complete safety, but shows exponential progress in containing the health situation. The Moroccan government recognizes most of the available vaccines and tests worldwide. Reports have shown an increase in the number of flights and visitors headed to Morocco.

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2. Morocco: an off-the-beaten-track destination

With health concerns in mind, you would want that your vacation and travel be a combination of fun and wellbeing. Morocco is a great post-corona travel destination where your health and joy are catered for. If you are looking for places where you can maintain social distancing and still enjoy life in every way possible, Morocco is the place to go! There are amazing remote places in Morocco away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The Moroccan Sahara, among others, is one great example of a holiday spot where you can rid yourself of the discomfort of wearing a mask. Instead, you would have a turban and a veil on as one of the Sahara people, and you would not want to miss out on camel trekking across the dunes. At night, nothing exceeds the joy of gazing at the stars above in the Sahara sky as you sip from your cup of Moroccan tea around the campfire. There are plenty of other ways to discover the Sahara; whether you want to trek on foot, horseback, or on a quad bike, a trip in the Moroccan Sahara is a memorable experience. Many tours and expeditions to the Sahara are organized by experienced guides from different locations.

If you are a hiker, Morocco offers great hiking experiences. Morocco has diverse mountain ranges, they are called the Atlas Mountains. From the Rif Mountains in the north to the High Atlas Mountains in the south, exciting hiking trails attract many visitors all year round. Some of the most exciting things to do are horse riding, mountain biking, and exploring the homey Berber villages. Also, you get to discover the local wildlife, spot birds and meet the macaques!

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Aït Benhaddou

4. Morocco: vibrant culture and history

A holiday in Morocco is an all-in-one experience. In here, you enjoy the luxury and comfort of modern life as you stay in touch with authentic traditions kept alive for centuries. In Marrakesh, finding a chariot is as easy as finding a taxi, do try the chariot! Time travel in Morocco is possible! Just wander through the alleyways of the old medina of Fes and literally smell the past! Stand at the ramparts of Essaouira or walk through the gates of Kssar Ait Ben Haddou to transport yourself to the past. Be a guest at any one of the ancient royal palaces of Marrakesh and sink in ancient history. Discover Morocco’s Pearl of the North, Chefchaouen, a city too beautiful to miss.

There is more to what history is in Morocco. To learn and discover more, visit Morocco’s imperial cities: Rabat, Fes, Marrakesh, and Meknes. These cities are vibrant with history and character. Most of these cities are fortified behind walls, they have gates and watchtowers, busy markets and mazy streets and alleyways. Each one has its unique character and history, cultures and customs. The imperial cities of Morocco are a UNESCO World Heritage. Much of the architectural structures, castles, mosques, and walls have been well preserved and life still has its comings and goings in these ancient cities. If you wish to be in touch with the history and culture of the medinas, then your stay at a riad will enrich this experience and heighten your feelings.

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3. Morocco: a budget-friendly holiday destination

No doubt Morocco is one of the most affordable places to spend holidays in. Regardless of your expectations, preferences, and budget, the range of options of goods and services available in Morocco is quite wide. Whether you are looking for places to stay or to eat, the prices will not often be heavy on your budget. In general, 7$ to 10$ can get you through the day with the necessary food and transportation. While shopping in the souks, you can always negotiate the prices.

In Morocco there is a wide range of transportations means. So you need not worry how to get around. There are many bus operators and railroads that connect all major cities and their suburbs. If you like to travel at your own pace and convenience, and maintain social distancing while doing so, renting a car would be a great option! Due the health crisis, all public transportation is now required to pick up only half of the usual number of passengers, which makes it safer to travel using public transportation.


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5. Wellness holidays in Morocco

Morocco’s natural beauty remains intact, none of it was spoiled by the pandemic. If anything, it has been made more attractive as less people frequent those popular tourist attractions. As travel trends move towards ecological tourism, slow travel, and wellness tourism, the reputation of Morocco as a holiday destination resonates even farther. If you wish to stay off-the-beaten-track and find serenity and adventure, Morocco has plenty to offer. Discover the breath-taking waterfalls of Ouzoud in the Atlas, the beautiful oases of Tafraout and Zagora in the south, and the sunny golden beaches of Dakhla.

Not only is food delicious in Morocco, but it is also healthier. Try the famous Moroccan couscous, and discover the art of tea making in Morocco. Bathe in the dunes of Merzouga, and sweat your worries out in a traditional Moroccan hammam. Shop in the souks and look for aromatic herbs to take home with you. Many visitors find the Moroccan lifestyle attractive, some adopt the locals’ eating habits because they focus on both taste and health.


6. The perfect weather and the beach experience in Morocco

Morocco has ever been coveted for its great weather. You may have longed for the warmth of sunlight and a good tan. Now is time to consider spending your holiday in Morocco. The period between September and December is blessed with a delicate weather, a perfect balance of warm sunlight and cool breeze. During spring, the weather gets no better, it is suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities. During summer, the heat may challenge your resilience and require more sunscreen, but there is always a beach nearby for you to cool down. Even in winter, the weather is not much of a disturbance.

Morocco has a 1,200 mile long coastline running along the Mediterranean and the Atlantic ocean. This makes it a perfect destination for beach lovers, surfers, and water sports fans. Agadir city has some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in the Atlantic coastline. Not so far from it, there is Taghazout, a quiet and charming coastal town and a surfer’s haven. One of Morocco’s most popular beaches is the beach of Essaouira. The city itself is a laid-back medina, renowned internationally for being a hub of art and spiritual music. The beach here boasts strong winds making it a great spot for water sports.

Other amazing beaches include the beaches of Assilah, Tangier, and Saidia in the north. In addition, Al Hoceima has some beautiful beaches where golden stretches of sand and clear sea waters meet the Rif mountains. Check out for instance Asfiha beach which is a bit outside the city, this is a perfect spot for relaxation away from the crowds.

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7. The everlasting hospitality of Morocco

The hospitality that the Moroccans are known for does not fade away. Even in times of hardship, Morocco greets its visitors with open arms. It is no surprise in Morocco to be offered a cup of tea or even be invited for a meal by a complete stranger. This hospitality is part of the diverse culture of Morocco. This culture is promoted in the service industry which reinforced Morocco’s reputation as a welcoming and exciting travel destination. There is a wide range of accommodations. Hotels and riads are most common in cities. Riads are a type of traditional houses with a courtyard or garden in the middle of the house, and usually palm trees. They are mostly found in the old medinas. In the Sahara, your stay may be arranged to be at the homey Berber tent, this is a very special experience. If you are hiking in the mountains, you can stay at an auberge or simply set up a camp and gaze at the stars that seems even closer in these mountains!

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This article set out to give you an overview of the current pandemic situation in Morocco and the travel regulations related to it. It was also aimed to be a guide for your post-corona travel, and give you some pointers on some of the best things to do and places to see in Morocco. The list of reasons why you should travel to Morocco now can be longer, so we trust that during your visit, you will discover more reasons, and think about other things or places to see next time you visit again.

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Book your Morocco trip with FriendlyMorocco expert team. We have wide selections of tours to choose from. The tours we provide are are well-organized to suit every passenger’s needs. It is also possible to customize your tours. Feel free to contact us to get a quote or for more info!