Morocco is a very diverse country that has a wide range of natural landscapes and cultures. Millions of tourists go to Morocco each year to discover the amazing sights and landscapes of this country; making it the most visited country in Africa, with 10 million visitors back in 2017. Touring Morocco is something that every diehard traveller! who loves exotic places should do, at least once in their lifetime.

The question is: is it safe to travel to Morocco? We can say that this big number of people who visit Morocco means that this country is at least safer than most of the other ones in Africa, as far as the statistics are concerned.

But still, we need to know how safe is Morocco? Is it safe to travel alone? Is it safe for women? What are the safe places in Morocco? How safe is Moroccan food? How safe is Moroccan transportation? All of this will be discussed below and more.

How safe is Morocco?

Morocco is relatively a very safe country, compared to many other countries in Africa and the Arab world, it’s very likely that no harm shall touch you in Morocco. Although some few cases happen here and there of some extreme behaviour, still, statistics tell us that Morocco is far safer than many other touristic countries. But, if you’re not very careful and attentive enough, you might get scammed or robbed, which is something that could happen to anyone anywhere. However, most of the crimes are just robberies, minor aggressions and scams. A  careful person who doesn’t go to shady spots will probably leave the country as safe as they might have been in their home.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco alone?

If it’s your first time visiting Morocco, it’s highly recommended that you join a private tour or at least go with a friend who knows their way around better then you do. Travelling in a group decreases the chances of getting harassed a lot (no one wants to upset a group of people). Travelling alone might be a very good thing for people who like solitude, which is something very understandable; however, one has to make sure not to raise a lot of unnecessary attention around oneself; it’s always a piece of good advice.


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Is it safe to travel as a woman?

Women might find some difficulties that men won’t. However, only a few cases of abuse happen; just like the ones, you can hear come across in your country. You might expect some comments and catcalls, especially if you’re wearing revealing clothes; Morocco is a relatively conservative country; women are usually modestly dressed.

What are the safe places in Morocco?

The Moroccan imperial cities are very safe in the places that tourists visit. Poor neighbourhoods might be less safe, but not very much. The Moroccan towns and villages might be a little bit dangerous in the places that aren’t populated by people a lot so, it would be better to avoid the deserted areas. The Moroccan “souks” (markets) are places where you might get scammed as a tourist, especially if you come across a seller who has no integrity; it’s something very common if you’re not careful enough, therefore we highly recommend that you avoid shady business.

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How safe is Moroccan food?

Morocco has a strict policy on food safety; the restaurants all follow the guidelines of the health ministry. That means if you avoid street food, the foods that your doctor told you not to eat and the ones that trigger certain allergies in your body, you will be safe. Moroccan cuisine is very healthy, although your body might need a little bit of time to adapt to it. Or, you can just eat the foods that already know like burgers, pizza, pasta…Ext; you can find restaurants that serve these meals all over Morocco.

How safe is Moroccan transportation?

Morocco has the best infrastructure in Africa; the main roads of the country are great. There are many cases of reckless drivers as you might find in any other country. However, that’s something that could be avoided by travelling with a tour agency; they usually have very skilled drivers.

Taking public transportation like buses isn’t the safest option, due to the unorganized nature of Moroccan bus stations. Scams and robberies are something that could happen in such unorganized places.

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Is it safe to travel to Morocco with the Coronavirus situation?

**Update: Morocco has banned air travel with almost all the other infected countries, the number of people who got infected from the virus is increasing in Morocco. We advise the travelers who want to visit Morocco, under these circumstances to stay holed.

Coronavirus is one of the latest dangers that are threatening the world, especially old people, children and people with weak immunity; the general population can survive Coronavirus.  The situation in many countries is very serious. However, in Morocco, It’s actually far safer than many other countries like Italy. Morocco has only two cases of infected people, both of them came from Europe. The Moroccan government is trying very hard to eliminate the virus permanently from the country, as fast as possible. Morocco is ready to face this outbreak just like the developed countries, with all the precautions that you’d expect, like diagnosing people in the airports and preventing public events from happening. Many tourists are still touring Morocco; no cases of foreigners have been found. So, it’s safe to say that Morocco is one of the places on earth where you can hide for a while from Coronavirus.  But that doesn’t that you shouldn’t be careful around crowds; prevention is better than the cure.


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Our advice

Our advice is to explore Morocco with a tour agency. That way, you will travel with a group, which is something that makes your stay in Morocco safer. With a tour agency, you will also be guided towards the safe places that are protective of tourists. With the agencies you can also be insured that you won’t get scammed while you’re buying things; having a guide helps a lot when it comes to interacting with the locals. Concerning transportation, as we already have mentioned the drivers are usually skilled and responsible people.

If you’re a woman wearing less revealing clothes, especially if you’re travelling alone, might prove to be a wise choice, because it will spare you unnecessary attention from unwanted people.

We also highly advise you not to take a lot of money with you in your wallet, bag or purse; take only what you’re going to spend when you’re going out.

Travelling to Morocco is a safe experience, most of the time, with some inconveniences happening once in a while, which is the case all over the world, even in the most developed countries. A precautious person might never find a problem as long as they’re staying away from the places and the people that raise suspicion.

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