Every country in the world have its own holidays, and many Moroccan official holidays which are celebrated in Morocco have their uniqueness. Some of them are religious, others goes back to events that changes Moroccan history and many other holidays. In most of these holidays schools and government buildings are closed and are considered days off for Moroccan in order to celebrate their holidays and here is some information about these holidays.

Eid Al Fitr

     Eid Al Fitr is one of the Moroccan official holidays. This holiday marks the first day of Shawal and the end of Ramadan which are Islamic months. In this day Moroccan Muslims gather in one of the local mosque for prayer and to hear Eid’s Khutba before returning to their homes to celebrate with their families and relatives. Another important thing for Moroccan people in Eid Al Fitr is giving Zakat Al-Fitr to poor people, it may consists of money or food which helps them to enjoy their holiday. Also, women spend many days before the  Eid in making sweets and pastries which are provided for guests in the Eid, also families gather during the Eid’s day and share meals together.

Many restaurants and cafes in Morocco are closed so it is best  to ask about for the places which will be opened on this day if you want to eat outside.

Saidia beach

Eid Al Fitr Celebration

Eid Al Adha

    Eid Al Adha is another religious holiday of Moroccan official holidays. Its name means ” The feast of sacrifice” and also is called “ Eid Al kabir”. This Eid marks the end of hajj rituals and lasts for four days also it is an official holiday so much of the cities are closed for a day or two. Muslims obtain an animal to slaughter, which may be a sheep, a goat, a cow or even a camel and offer most of the meat in charity. Also because of the  significance of the day and following Abraham’s example of faithful obedience to God many poor people borrow money in order to have an animal to sacrifice , even though they aren’t obliged to do this if the can’t afford that. But because of its symbolic to Muslims. Before the slaughter they enjoy breakfast with their families, which contains Herbel (Wheat and Milk Soup), harcha, beghrir, and krachel. Then go to visit their relatives and witness the festivals and celebrations that takes place


Sidi Kaouki beach

Eid Al Adha Celebration

Independence Day

   After talking about the most important two religious holidays, it is time to talk about other Moroccan official holidays like the “Independence Days “which takes place on 18th November every year. It is the anniversary of Moroccan independence the returning of the royal family in Morocco from exile in 1955 and the freedom of Morocco from France and Spain who colonized the country for 44 years. And on this day there are parades, variety of food which is sold by street vendors and a special reception takes place at the King’s palace and promoting people’s loyalty to the king. Also streets are adorned with Moroccan flags and the Moroccan TV broadcasts documentaries about famous Moroccan celebrities. 


Asilah Bech

Independence Day

Green March Day

     In Morocco, the 6th of November is considered a Moroccan official holiday which is the “Green March Day ” that dates back to November 6,1975 when about 350,000 people crossed the   Western Sahara, to save it from the Spanish occupation. They were not armed, and they only carried green banners that symbolize Islam, Qurans and pictures of king Hassan II. The pressure of Green March led Spanish to withdraw from the Sahara desert and because of its importance for Moroccan people, it was considered as an official holiday in Morocco


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Green March

Oued Ed-Dahab Day

       Oued Ed-Dahab is a Moroccan province which was called “Rio de Oro” and its returning to the homeland marks perfection of Morocco’s territorial integrity from the Spanish occupation on 14th August  1979 and it is considered from that time as an public  holiday. And Oued Ed-Dahab Day is celebrated on August 14th every year because of its specialty to all Moroccans.

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Oued Eddahab Location

Labour Day

     In Morocco as in many other countries all over the world, it is celebrated the Labour day every May on the first day of this month. It is an official holiday in Morocco so most businesses, schools and government buildings are closed because it is a day for rest especially for the working class. Some groups organize parades to promote and protect workers’ rights. Also on this day, festive events are organised as well as trade union marches all over Morocco. This day is associated to the beginning of spring in addition to the Labour day.

Asilah Bech

Labour Day

There are many other Moroccan official holidays and each one has its specialty such as Independence Manifesto Day, Throne Day, Revolution Day, Islamic New Year, Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday and many others.

     The official holidays in Morocco are unique to all Moroccans who celebrated together and still have the connection between them all and celebrate their religious, national and local holidays and there are many local festivals that celebrate these holidays so it is a good idea to plan your trip to Morocco during the time of these festivals.

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