The Bahia Palace, in Arabic called brilliance, this palace was built by ‘Si Moussa’ between 1866 and 1867, Si Moussa was Grand official of the ruler, a former slave in the United Nations agency, climbed the ranks. The Bahia Palace is one of the best-preserved historical sites and positively most fascinating in Marrakesh.

The palace area is about two acres, The palace is located in the center of Marrakech, contains one hundred and fifty rooms ,together with a seraglio section placed simply off the sun-filled Court of Honour.

Having housed the Resident General throughout the French associated state era, now you can see historical deposit, the palace hosted events like the Marrakesh Biennale.

The Bahia Palace history


The palace was built for the use of ‘Si Moussa’, then his son ‘Bou Ahmed’ became the owner of the palace, ‘Bou Ahmed’ cunningly rose to power in 1894. Once he managed to realize complete management over the state -till his death in 1900- the palace was conjointly the residence of ‘Bou Ahmed’, his four wives and several other concubines.

With the arrival of the French within the early decade, the residents were forced to maneuver resolute, then move for the Resident General.

Bahia Palace

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Design and contents of the Bahia palace


During ‘Bou Ahmed’ stay in the palace the brilliance of the palace was very increased. With the addition lush gardens, the little riad encompassing personal gardens. The rooms embellished in a really elegant Moroccan vogue, etched stucco and wood, to brighten each of the rooms. You will be able to visit the normal vogue gardens that are crammed with orange trees and splashing fountains with housing and flats, most notably that of his married person ‘Lalla Zineb’.

Superbly zellig-tiled fireplaces and floors vibrant, vibrant stained glass windows produce colorful patterns within the afternoon sun, superbly painted and etched wood are some of the fascinating options in his wife’s living accommodations.

Following Bou Ahmed’s death in 1900, the palace was empty and everything valuables were removed.


You can visit the palace from nine am to four pm daily.

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