One of the amazing castles or citadels that lies in North of Africa is Kasbah of Toubkal. It provide information about how the architecture was in Morocco many centuries ago and it will make you wonder how on earth people in that centuries with little materials and techniques and with no technology could do this. It is a product of an imaginative Berber and European partnership.


It lies in a peak of High Atlas mountain in southwestern Morocco. It is located in the Toubkal National Park near to Jbel Toubkal, the highest peak in Morocco 4000 meters above the sea level. 60 kilometers, 90 minutes, far from Marrakech .

Activities to do

Hiking in Atlas Mountain

One of the best experiences that you will ever have is to hike in Atlas Mountain and enjoy seeing the beauty of nature. This activity is suitable for all people regardless your fitness as there are paved roads that made tourists to go hiking.


Climb the highest peak in Morocco

As we mentioned before, Kasbah of Toubkal is near to Jbel Toubkal that is the highest peak in Morocco. Therefore, it is common to see there many climbers that came from different countries to climb this mountain. So, if you are one of those that love climbing you can challenge yourself, do it, and climb 4163 meters above the sea level. You will be proud of yourself


Azzaden Trekking Lodge

It is trekking lodge on Berber village of Aid Aissa. Traditional village will let you know more about the cultural of the people. You will make a trek from the Kasbah to it. In there you will see many local arts.

Hiking In Toubkal Mountain

Hiking In Toubkal Mountain

Toubkal Peak

Toubkal Peak

Trekking Lodge

Trekking Lodge

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The history of it

      In 1989, two British brothers found ruined Kasbah in the hilltop near to Toubkal Mountain. They decided to turn it into wonderful Berber lodge that attracted many people and provide a great place for those who want to discover the area.

Kasbah Of Toubkal

Kasbah Of Toubkal

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