In the north of Morocco, extending on the northern edge of Rif Mountains and on the Mediterranean coast, the strategic location for Al Hoceima city makes it an attraction spot for tourists, where they can enjoy the amazing views and the sun on the beach.

However, before we get into all of that, let us take a look on this city history and geography:

History, Economy, transport, and Education:

 The Spanish started to develop Al Hoceima around 1925. General Sanjurjo landed with his troops on the beach of Al Hoceima during the Rif Rebellion and claimed the territory for Spain, after Morocco gained its independence in 1956, Al Hoceima was developed quickly and the changed its name from Spanish to Al Hoceima (which is an Arabic name).

And if we want to take a further look on Economy there, we will find that the main income for this city is from fishing, and in the last years many investments were established there, fast food, markets, clothing stores….. And much more.
In Al Hoceima we can find a Spanish international school, which makes education there on its development way.
Moreover, transportation is very good in this city, you can go anywhere you want, at any time, also the city is served by the Cherif Al Idrissi Airport.

Al Hoceima fish
Al Hoceima fish

Attractive places, and Things To do in Al Hoceima?

1: Al Hoceima beaches:

because of its amazing beaches, this city was the aim for tourists, it has another advantage, most of its beaches can be accessed on foot, they are steps away from the city, so that you do not need a car or other transport machine to get there.

All you need is a nice foot journey, and you are there on the Quemado beach, you will continue on this foot journey until you get to the end of the road, and then continue beyond the interesting National Park Al-Hoceima, and boom you are on its amazing beaches, which extends for miles on the west.

al hoceima beach

2: The port of Hoceima:

This is the right place for a nice sunbath, this port is the main place for fishing and trades, and there you might find many souvenirs but the adorable one you can find there, is to stretch under the sun, you will never forget it, your skin will not too 🙂


port of Hoceima

3: Plage Sfiha:

This beach has a remarkable repetition for its quietness, and cleanse, swimming there is another thing, the view for the Spanish islands is spectacular, and we cannot forget to mention the tents along the beach, one last thing, the journey on this beach will be one of your best experiences.

al Hoceima Plage Sfiha

4: Al Hoceima National Park:

Visiting Al Hoceima without checking its national park means that you have missed a lot.

A walk at this park will give you a very pleasant experience, and the generous people there will make sweet relations with you, you might even be invited for a nice meal, no one knows 🙂

In addition, you can visit a 800 years old mosque and its old Berber village in Adouz. You can see a lot of wonderful landscape on every step you take in there. A must visit place when you are visiting Al Hoceima.


al Hoceima

5: Cinema Al Khabir:

There, you can spend a nice time watching a movie with some popcorn, you might also get the chance to watch the theatre in Al Khabir, and your kids will have a great time there.

Al-Hoceima night

6: Restaurants:

Al Hoceima contains many delicious restaurants; they deliver all kinds of meals and fast food, big collection of deserts, juice and much more.

One of the top rated restaurants in Al Hoceima is Mb food, this restaurant is located in the city center, its reputation of ice creams will make your kids force you to go there, and do not hesitate to do so, J

Many other restaurants you can find in Al Hoceima, like (Delicafe Al Hoceima, Restaurant Sidi Bousaid, Espace Mirimar…..)

Now the most important thing, you do not want to miss any restaurant in Al Hoceima, although this might seems expensive to try them all, but believe me it is worthy!

Al Hoceima Restaurants
Hotel Souani hoceima

Hotels and accommodation:


Accommodation services in Al Hoceima are stunning, there you can find the best spot for your room, great views each morning while drinking your coffee, very clean rooms and polite room services, a nice food presented there.

One of the hotels that has a great location on Quemado beach, near to the port but not troubled by it, Hotel Mercure Quemado Resort, you will spend a nice holiday there, and you will enjoy staying on your balcony watching the sea, never knows, you might get to excited and jump for a swimJ

Other spectacular hotels you can find in Al Hoceima (Suites Hotel Mohammed V, Hotel La Perla Bleue, Hotel Amir Plage, Hotel Basilic, Hotel Tidghine, Hotel La Marin….. and much more.

Hotel Mercure Quemado Al-Hoceima
Hotel Souan al Hoceima

If you ever been to Al Hoceima please tell us about your journey, your accommodation, and what you visited there, and give us your opinion about this city?

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