El Jadida , The new Mazagan is Fragrant History of Morocco melted with the Portuguese spices which goes together with a magical Harmony . The Manueline style was built by the Portuguese fortress of Mazagan and the Church of the Assumption, The original name of the city, “Mazagan” was “Maggie”, Wings, in Arabic “mazighan “. But some researchers say the word comes from an Amazigh word.  It was a Portoguisian Rod in the Period of 1514 -1769 .and their last territory in Morocco. After Sultan Mohamed ben abdellah ordred to decided to restore the fortified city and call it El Jadida.

El Jadida The Climate

The Weather in El Jadida is very cool it is  a Mediterranean Climate in most of the Time .The Highest Degree goes to 48 °C, but  rarely  to goes  down  until 5 °C.

You will surely enjoy the sun right there!

El Jadida Population

The Total of population in El Jadida is about   194,934 .  Upon The Moroccan Counting  in  2004

El Jadida Location

El Jadida is a Coastal City over looking on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s located between the cities   as the following: Casablanca from the north 106 kms away ,in the region of Casablanca Settat . Marrakech and Assafi or safi from the South . The main water resource is the beautiful ‘Oum Rabia’  River , which separates it with Azemour city .

The Most attractive places to visit in el jadida

portuguese Cistern

It is Fortress which was built in the Portuguisian period , it contains many parts ; walls , churches , and a communal oven . The beautiful view of water of  the floor  and light of the sun gives a good reflection.

portuguese cistern

Portuguese Cistern

Sidi bouzid beach

The  western seaside beach is considered as the most beautiful Morocco ‘s Beaches ,the  white send ,the warm sun and the Clean water make it a piece of art .

sidi bouzid beach

Sidi Bouzid Beach

Kasbah Boulaoune 


Is one of the attractive Rural Ereas in Casablanca-Settat Region of Morocco .It is a small town overlooking Oum Rabia River .

kasbah boulaoune

Kasbah Boulaoune

The Port el jadida

The port of El Jadida has a slipway and the following facilities:

  • 198 stores for artisanal fishermen
  • 39 stores for coastal fishermen
  • an ice-making unit
  • A fish market and 12 stores for fishmongers;
  • 7 administrative offices;
  • A cooperative and training room;
  • A maritime daycare;
  • Harbor master’s office;
  • A room for wreck.
Port El Jadida

Port El Jadida

El Jadida

El Jadida

 things to do in eljadida

You can go shopping in the central Market .Enjoy the sun in Sidi Bouzid beach. Visit the Portuguese Cistern and Kasbah Boulaoune to take nice photos. Or Eat fresh and delicious fish in The port El Jadida.

Have you ever been to El Jadida

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