The Gnaoua World music festival is a big festival held in Essaouira, Morocco where it provides a meeting point for many foreign artists and the mystical Gnaoua musicians, this festival give you the opportunity to discover new and old music from jazz, pop, rock music and many others from all over the world… More


Gnaoua World Music Festival: The complete guide!



  • Carlinhos Brown
  • Bill Laurance
  • Hindi Zahra
  • Lucky Peterson
  • Ray Lema
  • Ismaël Lô
  • Mehdi Nassouli
  • Band of Gnawa
  • Speed Caravane
  • Titi Robin
  • Gnawa Diffusion
  • Ribab Fusion
  • Karim Ziad
  • Loy Ehrlich
  • Yacou Daniel N’Guessan
  • Laurent Clipet
  • Aboubacar Kouyaté
  • Alexandre Warnez
  • David Aubaile
  • Houssam Guinea
  • Marsa Band
  • Maurice Zemmor
  • Mehdi Nassouli
  • Mogador Band
  • Omri Mor
  • Vincent Mascart
  • Maâlem Hamid El Kasri
  • Maâlem Mohamed Kouyou
  • Maâlem Mokhtar Guinea
  • Maâlem Mustapha Baqbou
  • Maâlem Omar Hayat
  • Maâlem Said Kouyou
  • Maâlem Abdelkebir Merchane
  • Maâlem Hassan Boussou
  • Maâlem Abdellah Akharraz
  • Maâlem Abdenbi El Guedari
  • Maâlem Allal Soudani
  • Maâlem Aziz Baqbou
  • Maâlem Kbiber
  • Maâlem Mahjoub El Gouchi
  • Maâlem Mahmoud Filali
  • Maâlem Moqadem Raouf
  • Maâlem Ould Khoumani
  • Maâlem Saïd Oughessal

other information about how to get the essaouira, the venus, the tickets can find it in our dedicated article about the festival or in the festival website.