You have packed your bags, booked your flight ticket, and planning for an amazing journey to Morocco, maybe starting from its big cities, passing through its waterfalls, spending the nights in a tent, going for adventures…….

Everything looks perfectly right, but before you leave, you need to remember some advises, and in this article, we will give you some tips you will need before traveling to Morocco.

Keep reading and save all of these tips because you will need them 🙂



10 Tips you need to know before traveling to Morocco:

1: Keep it clean:

While you are living or staying with Moroccans you will have to respect their habits, and Moroccan people are known for cleaning everything, they wash three times a day, and they never eat anything before they wash it, so that keep it clean and wash your hands, yourself and even your fruits all the time.

2: keep your shoes down:

Never rise your shoes up in the air, that will send negative messages to the people, doing such move in Morocco will make people abandon you, and that will not be so friendly.

In addition, always remember to take off your shoes before entering someone house.

Traditional handmade Moroccan shoes

Traditional handmade Moroccan shoes

3: Be careful What you spend, and Where you spend:

Do go to the markets, (tourists markets) and just wonder around trying to find some beautiful things, this move will cost you more than you can expect.

You should have a plan about what you want to buy, and then head to some local market, or maybe fixed-price markets and buy your needs, this way you can save money and buy things that are more beautiful.

Marrakech Souk

Marrakech Souk

4: Do not accept any guide:

Do not wonder alone in Morocco and then suddenly decide to hire a guide, most likely you will be scammed and left in the middle of nowhere, with no money 🙁

You must hire an expert guide from guides’ offices, this way you will guarantee a safe trip for yourself and you will enjoy it for sure.

5: Dress like Moroccans do:

Do not forget yourself and where you are and go out on street with a skirt (for women), you are in Arabic Muslims country, you must respect that, especially if you are planning to visit the mosque you need to wear a scarf to cover your hair.

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Moroccan Women Djellaba

Moroccan Women Djellaba

6: icy Atlas:

When you are in Morocco, you will give the High Atlas Mountains a visit for sure, this trip cannot be missed, but keep in mind while you are there that it gets too cold at night, prepare your cloths to warm you up.

High Atlas Mountains

High Atlas Mountains

7: Friday off:

Most of the restaurants, markets and shops are off at Fridays, this day is considered a weekend in Morocco and you need to keep that in mind.

Friday Prayers

Friday Prayers

8: Be careful of scams:

Like any other place in the world, you need to watch out from frauds, taxi, shops, Henna tattoos and many other.

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9: live with the people:

Moroccans are great people to live with, they are generous, friendly and they will do whatever they can to make you happy and provide all of your needs.

Try to be closer from them maybe you can find a Moroccan family to spend your days with, and they will be more than happy to receive you.

10: Learn some Arabic, local words:

Most of Foreign tourists do not know Arabic, and that will make their journey harder, you can pass this obstacle by learning some local words before you travel to Morocco, do not worry you will not learn Arabic, only some local words that will help you to get your primary needs.

Arabic letters

Arabic letters

After reading this article you are ready for the trip to Morocco, try to remember all of the tips and implement them, and tell us what was the thing you wish you knew before traveling to Morocco, or maybe you can share your story with us.