Friday is a sacred weekly celebration time during which Moroccans gather and practice their respective religious duties. It is a time for divine blessings and mercy in the very Moroccan spiritual belief. Like any Muslim country, Morocco gives this special day a unique consideration. So what is so different in a Moroccan Friday?

Friday is A time for divine forgiveness!

One of the most important Moroccan values are convinced with the fact that Friday is a time for Allah’s mercy and blessings to cover up the bodies and souls of his creatures. Therefore, Duaa “Pray” and worship are increasingly and prominently practiced during the holly moments!

It is a weekly meeting for Moroccan Muslims. To exchange positive moral speech, goodwill feelings and conducts. They manage to forgive each other’s mistakes and this way Allah the Almighty would forgive their sins. Muslim Moroccans rush to local mosques where they ask for sins forgiveness.

Additionally, Moroccans have a very important practice before the coming of Friday, which is getting their bodies well cleaned in a local Hammam a night before getting ready for the Muslims’ main prayer day. Next, they have their hairs cut and keep a properly shaved face; they spray the whole body and put clean clothes on. It seems just like a feast day.

friday prayers
friday prayers at hassan 2 mosque

Moroccan clothing style on Friday!

Moroccan Man djellaba

Moroccan people are so proud of their traditions and identity. Their identity is highly reflected even in the way they dress up on Friday.

They like to appear in their favorite, finest and cleanest outfits.

They should be neat and sprayed and preferably white colored.  The famous traditional outfit called cashabia “or djellaba” is worn to perform aljumu’ah prayer (Friday in Arabic is called aljumu’ah).

Spiritual practices on Friday!

Aljumu’ah prayer is a worship practice, which is performed collectively. People of all ages head to the mosques to cleanse their souls from all sins they have been committing throughout the week. It is a solid sign of solidarity and total commitment to Allah the Almighty, an opportunity to talk about people’s own interests and common issues. Meanwhile, they share opinions and thoughts. It is a day off! Pupils of all ages are free and some schools are mainly closed during Fridays. After prayer time, routine activities are supposed to be carried on.

Aljumu ah prayer

Friday is a crowded market day!

Being a day off, Friday offers you more freedom to widen your shopping business. After prayer, people massively redirect to souks and trade centers. They go to buy their weekly scheduled food supplies from the different ranges displayed in local souks and trade centers.

the souk of marrakech medina


Moroccans are so faithful to every single detail of the Moroccan heritage; Couscous will not be missed on Fridays as a part of this faith… Moroccan families prepare couscous exclusively on Friday…

Couscous is served routinely in any Moroccan house, and it part of the Moroccan cuisine, however it is compulsory and sacred during Fridays because that allows all the family members to gather around one table and have the tasty meal.


What do tourists expect on Friday!

If you are a tourist planning for your next destination to be a Moroccan town, do not hesitate to get your plan fulfilled whatever be the cost! A Moroccan Friday is just similar to any other day though during the main prayer time some shops and services are off. Still there is a lot to do and the main restaurants and food spots are giving their main services. So don’t be disappointed if your visit is planned for Friday! A Friday night is such a busy and crowded one especially in Jemaa el-Fna, which transforms into a wonderland at night!

Finally, we would advise any tourist who would like to discover the Moroccan land secrets to spend a very lovely time in one of the Moroccan towns on Friday. It is a time for celebration and feasting the Arab Muslim traditions and identity! Meanwhile, it is a day off which will allow you to make a tour around all the spots of the city and boost your cultural and shopping knowledge offered in this miraculous country!

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