Moroccan Traditional Clothes

Clothing is an interesting part of the Moroccan culture. The clothes in this country are well made and have a history that is related to them. As commonly known, Morocco has witnessed numerous civilizations from the Romans, Berber, Arabs to the Europeans. This fascinating aspect of Moroccan culture shows how much people have been attached to clothes as an important element of their lifestyle.  There are a variety of traditional clothes that the Moroccans have preserved as an essential part of their identity. Actually, they have special dresses for each occasion and event (weddings, religious holidays, national events…). Thanks to the diversity of the Moroccan culture and its rich heritage, clothing and the way of wearing it differs from one area to the other. That could be easily observed when you move from the North to the South. It is a mixture of Arabic, Berber, Saharan, Islamic cultures and others that left their prints. However, our main concern in this article is answering questions that are frequently asked about the traditional Moroccan clothes as a unique aspect of the country’s culture and lifestyle. Here are the most Frequently asked questions about the Moroccan traditional clothes:

What are the most famous Moroccan traditional clothes?

Morocco is well-known for the following traditional clothes: Djellaba, Caftan, Takeshita, Jabador, and Balgha.


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What is Djellaba and what is the difference between Men’s and Women’s Djellaba?

  • Women’s Djellaba

Moroccan women are known for wearing Djellaba. It has been one of their favorite and precious dresses for centuries. Besides its beautiful and colorful appearance, Djellaba has a religious background for it covers the attractive and features of the woman’s body except for hands, head and feet.  Djellaba has a special position for Moroccans because it has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Women’s Djellaba is, most of the time, worn with an independent scarf that covers the head, but you can see women putting on this beautiful dress without a scarf (Hijab).

  • Men’s Djellaba

On the other side, there is a Djellaba that is made for men. It is easy to distinguish between Women’s and Men’s Djellaba thanks to the colors that the Women’s djellaba and Men’s Djellaba hold. Usually, women’s Djellaba holds light and brilliant colors such as Pink, Green, Blue, and Purple whereas men prefer the white color or the dark ones like Brown and Black.

When Moroccan men and women wear Djellaba?

Men wear Djellaba in religious occasions especially on Friday, when they go to the Mosque to listen to the preaching and pray, and in the two religious holidays: Eid El Fitr, which is celebrated after the month of fasting (Ramadan), and Eid El Adha (the commemoration of the “sacrifice” of Ismail by Abraham). As a prominent part of the Moroccan identity, the king wears Djellaba in the “Throne Day” on July 30 to deliver his speech. He also wears in Eid El Mawlid: The birth of the prophet Mohamed (PBUH) accompanied by presidents and Islamic jurisprudences.

In addition to the special occasions, you will see Moroccans (both men and women) wear djellaba, in their daily life, while you are walking down the streets or shopping.

What is Caftan?

Caftan is a Moroccan traditional dress made only for woman. The Caftan is one of the bride’s garments. Most of the time, women wear Caftan in weddings, small parties such as birthdays and seven days after a baby is born. This beautiful Moroccan traditional dress is hand-made. It is characterized by buttons on the front with a thick worn around the waist and wide sleeves. The Caftan has impressed a lot of people around the world. Many celebrities admired and wore this traditional Moroccan dress including Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, Hilary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Taylor, Winfrey Oprah, Paris Hilton and many others.

What is Takchita and for what occasion do Moroccan women wear it?

Takchita is a pure wedding dress besides Caftan. It is a hand-made traditional dress that has big fame around the world. It is one of the authentic garments of women in Morocco. It mainly consists of two pieces. The first one is called “Tahtia” and it is always simple. The second piece is extremely decorated and worn over “Tahtia”. It is called “Dfina” and buttons up the front utilizing Sfifa and Akaad closures.

The Jabador and when it is worn?

Jabador is one of the beautiful Moroccan traditional clothes. Usually, it consists of a tunic and pants that have the same color. Cotton or linen is what Jabador is made of. It is a very comfortable dress to wear. There are numerous kinds of Jabadors from the simple ones to the more elaborated. The tunic of the Jabador suits all types of clothes and for all occasions. Jabador is worn, most of the time, by the bridegroom at the wedding. Moroccans men also wear it on religious occasions especially Eid El Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.

What is Balgha ?

Balgha is a traditional heelless slipper that are made of leather. Balgha is an essential part of the traditional Moroccan dress. It can be worn, almost, with any Moroccan traditional clothes: Caftan, Djellaba, Jabador and many others. It gives a special and additional beauty. There are women’s and men’s Balgha.

where can I buy Traditional Moroccan Clothes?

Moroccan traditional clothes are in every town in Morocco. They are usually sold in souks (traditional markets). Here, you can find all kinds of traditional clothes and you will have many options with different prices depending on the quality you want. Besides the traditional souks, numerous famous online platforms sell Moroccan traditional clothes including Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. Moroccan traditional clothes have a unique reputation around the world because of their good looking and well hand-made.


Above all, traditional clothes are one of the things that Morocco is proud of. Except for their breath-taking beauty, colours, and design, they represent history, culture, identity, the lifestyle of a very ancient nation and civilization. This article deserves more informative knowledge than the lines above, but we tried to only answer a few frequent questions about the Moroccan traditional clothes. If you enjoyed what has been written about “Moroccan traditional clothes”, let us know by leaving a comment below.




women's djellaba

women’s Djellaba

men's djellaba

men’s Djellaba

men's djellaba






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