Every year, hundreds of tourists are visiting Morocco. The rate of tourism in Morocco is growing day after day. Morocco is considered as one of the most likable countries in the Arab world, due to many factors. If it is your first time in Morocco, and you do not know what to do, here is your guide.



The top 10 advice for non-Moroccans travellers



american passport

Morocco is an African country, which main spoken languages are Arabic and Berber. It is a worth visiting country, because there is so many things to see and discover. Almost everything in Morocco is unique by all means.Another special thing in Morocco is that you will not find any difficulty in communicating. Moroccans are highly skilled in languages; they can speak so many languages at the same time.



If you are an English speaker, you do not need any visa requirements except for South Africa. The only thing you need is a valid passport.

major local networks in Morocco




If you want to make your trip to Morocco special and unique, you have to visit these following places:

Rabat:  in Rabat there is so many things to see and discover, for example: Hassan Tower, The Kasbah (drink a cup of mint tea in front of the sea) , The old Medina .

Marrakech: Visit “Jamaâ El Fenna” , and watch the hilarious adventures there.Man playing with snakes,and do things very special with them.

Tangier: If you go to Tangier, you need to swim in one of its seas. Tangier is one of the best sea cities in Morocco. Moreover, you may also enjoy “The grand mosque of tangier “,“Thest. Andrew’s church “, ” The American legation museum“.

Casablanca: Morocco Mall (if you want to do someshopping).

In addition,to not miss anything in morocco you may want to hire a local guide. So, that your trip will be more safe,exciting, and better.



Moroccan cuisine is very popular in all around the world. Morocco has plenty of deliciousmeals, and here is a list of some Moroccan delicious meals that you need to try:

Couscous   Tajin   Pastilla   Harrira   Tanjia    Kaab El Ghazal

Moroccan currency dirhams



a Moroccan church

The local currency in morocco is the Moroccan dirham (DH). It is preferable to exchange your currency before your arrival to Morocco, or in the airport. Most of Moroccans (shopsowners, etc.) Do not accept credit cards, or any other currency than their currency. Also, keep in mind that you should keep change with you wherever you go. Coins are most needed, especially with taxi drivers, small shops, and in the souks.



In Morocco you may dress whatever you want, because most of them are very open minded. Moroccans are very respectful,and tolerated people. Yet, you have to respect and dress conservatively. In order to avoid sexual harassment, and at the same time respect the local people and their culture.

camel trekking in the desert morocco



camel trekking in the desert morocco

It is recommended not to use the Moroccan water.It is better to use bottled water,and even use it to brush your teeth. So that you can avoid any problem. The Moroccan water is kind of hard for non locals to drink.



As in every country in the world, there is good and bad people. That’s why you have to be careful with whom you go and talk with. Do not trust everyone in your way, especially those who offer free tours, etc.

moroccan balgha : a custom shoes for djellaba for men and women with different styles


keep an eye on your pocket

a moroccan man wear a desert djellaba

Keep yourself in safely places, and watch your pocket in crowded places, like the Souk, the markets. People are not all good, so be attention to your pocket.



moroccan women clothing

Whenever you want to take a picture in Morocco, take permission first. Most people in Morocco are not likely familiar with this, so try to ask before taking photos. Sometimes you will have to pay to take a photo. In addition, there is another way to take photos of people, either from behind, or far places so that you do not capture their faces. There are many wonderful landscapes, and sights that you can captured for free.


    The previously sited points are the major expectations you may encounter during your dreamy trip. So, get prepared to any of these or maybe other situations to behave adequately and make your trip a real success!,
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