You are looking for a one-time life journey in one of the most amazing places not only in Morocco, but also maybe in the whole world.

You always dream for an adventure to check new places, hidden places that have all the amazing views and natural beauty created by nature itself!

Today, we will present to you Akchour Waterfalls, this stunning sight located in Morocco, near Chefchaouen to be more specific, in matter fact there are two waterfalls not only one, and they have created a bridge between them, making this sight even more fascinating and brilliant.

How to get there:

The journey for this place is another story; let us say it is a sight itself!

When you reach the village of Akshour, now it only takes a short beautiful walk to these waterfalls, this walk will give you a nice adventure and great opportunity to take photos beside the natural beauty there.

For hiking lovers:

If you do love hiking or you want to start hiking, this place is what you are looking for, you need about 4 hours, (2h to the top and 2h back from the waterfall), that would be a great way to spend your day!

The hiking journey is not that hard so that if you still a beginner you will find it a very interesting hiking journey, and if you are an expert hiker do not worry, you will be amazed by what you see there and that would be one of your best hiking tours.



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Many other things can be done there, not only hiking!

The beauty of this place makes a refreshment for your soul and so that, you cannot get enough of it, while you are wondering there you may set and relax in one of the cafes on the road, enjoy the nice views and maybe retrieve some of your memories, the quite of the nature will give you a great feelings and will draw nice memories back to you.

You can also swim there, and clean up after the trip maybe even refresh yourself, the clean water there will drag you to have some swimming and that would be a nice experience.

You will never regret for it, do not get afraid 🙂

Road- to Akchour waterfalls

Road- to Akchour waterfalls

Now you have an idea about what you can expect to find there, between these beautiful waterfalls, why do not you tell us if you agree that it is an amazing paradise place!

Give us your opinion, and share your journey with us in case you have been there.

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