” Boom Boom” is the new hit that is absolutely going to open all eyes on Morocco. In a new unbeaten musical experience and for the first time, the Moroccan- Sweden record executive and songwriter, RedOne collaborates with the Puerto Rican singer, Daddy Yankee releasing one of the most smashing hits in 2017.

Daddy Yankee who made “Despacito”, the big hit duo- project featuring Luis Fonsi, as the number one record hit not only in Puerto Rico but all through the world, returns now with the new “Boom Boom“.

Despacito” was the kind of a real profitable resource raising the Puerto Rican tourism’s revenue to more than 40%, that is quite a huge number influenced only by one single hit! ┬áIs it the same matter with “Boom Boom”?

However, the new- released videoclip is mainly exploring the jewels dwelling inside Morocco beginning with the blue alleys of Chefchaouen, the vast endless dunes of merzouga, approaching next to Tetouan’s elegant streets and stepping into the Royal Mansour Marrakech hotel and finally visiting the heavenly Cabo Negro beach.

The New Hitting Song with Home- flavored Rhythms:

“The idea has always been in my mind; the song, words, rhythm, and singers but I needed that extra thing.”, the three- time Grammy producer RedOne said in the interview with the Associated Press.

The factors that make “Boom Boom” as such a distinguished hit are numerous since a group of talented word- wide singers and executives hardly worked together to reach high levels of success.

BoomBoom Artists

BoomBoom Artists

Increasing Followers in Less than Seven Hours:

RedOne, the ambitious music producer worked on his new single” Boom Boom” featuring Daddy Yankee with the Moroccan rapper French Montana and the American Fifth Harmony singer Dinah Jane. The video clip was exactly released on Friday, October 26, 2017. However, the most breaking news is that the hit reached more than eight million views only seven hours after its release. The song was premiered by Daddy Yankee’s official YouTube account smashing almost more than 40 million views. Is it going to be the Moroccan version of ” Despacito”?

RedOne did not write the lyrics himself; it is done in a collaboration with Daddy Yankee, Theron Makiel Thomas, Jakke Erixson, Thomas Timothy and others. He also sang on the “Boom Boom” track and fully produced this new global hit. The song was directed by Said C. Naciri, the Moroccan producer and director.

In one of his interviews, RedOne clears that he wanted to release ”Boom Boom” to get the world introduced to a new positive energy of songs. Positive music that aims to unify the scattered parts of the world collecting culture mixed with universal rhymes. ” The world needs today this kind of positive energy that is a feel- good music.”, the producer has said.

chefchaouen Morocco

chefchaouen Morocco

Marrakech Morocco

Marrakech Morocco

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“Boom Boom” is the Unique Hit after Previous Successive Well- Known Musical Tracks:

Headed to Sweden in his 19- year account of ages, Nadir Khayyat or better known as RedOne had chosen to leave his homeland in Morocco searching for his own stardom in the world of music. In 2005, ”Step up” was his first real success that was followed with a series of other hit- smashes songs. Moving between Sweden, Europe and USA later on, the Moroccan ambitious young man has worked with famous singers in the Western world. However, he worked with Lady Gaga on her album ”The Fame” in 2008 that was an international smash. In USA, RedOne has collaborated with the most influential names in the history of the Western song as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Niki Minaj and many others. His last big success was in 2016 through “Don’t You Need Somebody” with Enrique Iglesias featuring Shaggy, Rock City and Serayah. He first wrote and published ” Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” by French duo Modjo and recreated later in ”Boom Boom” in October, 2017.
Merzouga Morocco

Merzouga Morocco

”Boom Boom” and ONMT Office:

The Moroccan memories seem to be magically still living within RedOne. Despite his universal experiences, he dedicates ”Boom Boom” to Morocco, the land of his childhood where he lived unforgettable years.

RedOne said that ”Boom Boom” is the perfect kind of songs needed in the world nowadays. So that, he has chosen his country, Morocco, to shot his videoclip’s scenes. The massive production of ”Boom Boom” would not be that smashing without the collaboration of ONMT, the Morocco’s National Tourist Office. According to the General Director of ONMT, Adberrafie Zouitten, Morocco deserves a light to be shed on, so that we have always cared to set Morocco in the cyclic development of the world. However, our main priority is to participate in the voicing activities that nourish tourism in Morocco among the international market.

The aim of ”Boom Boom” is to explore beautiful Morocco through a visualized song that travels between Marrakech, Chefchaouen, Merzouga, the Moroccan Sahara, Tetouan and Cabo Negro. The Moroccan stylist and Guess model, Abla Essofi participated in the videoclip side by side with Meryam Errachdy, ”Miss Arab” world next top model in 2015. They are filmed travelling between these spectacular locations shooting unbelievable beauty in Morocco. Considering the importance of these celebrities, the videoclip is going to be such a useful touristic resource for the kingdom. However, tourists’ rates are probably going to increase, which is a top target study. It is after all a new- achievable method to gain international fame.

collaborated with the Moroccan authorities representing his country’s influential attractions, RedOne draws real Morocco in the memory of billions of people through one of the fastest visualized filmed trips that is everlastingly going to be alive.

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