When it comes to making a travel to a new country, which you do not necessarily know, it is customary to take the time to prepare for your trip. Travelling to Morocco which is a highly attractive tourist destination has become a must nowadays. This Arab country arouses the interest of all lovers of travel. However, before buying your ticket and embarking on this new adventure, here are 20 practical tips that must be taken into account before travelling to Morocco and within your trip:

Choose your Morocco travel date

First and foremost, it’s important to plan your journey intelligently. For example, it is necessary to choose a date on which it is possible to make the most of what is to be seen in you travel to Morocco. It is also a better way to leave on a good day, where the weather is favorable. In spring, the temperatures are mild, in autumn there are some precipitations, and the sun is present during a large part of the year.

Moroccan darija

Prepare to have cash

Bank cards are not usual in Morocco. For shopping when travelling to Morocco, it is better to focus on cash. The best is to keep the Euros and the Dollars for large purchases and use local currency for small purchases during your travel to Morocco.

moroccan cash (MDH)

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Know how to fill your suitcase

As said above, travelling to Morocco makes you discover that it is a country which is spoiled by the sun. Also, it is advisable to bring light clothes, hats and glasses to be comfortable. For a policy of preservation, however, it is forbidden to wear shorts, at least for women, because Morocco is a Muslim country.


Follow the health advice

No vaccine is required before travelling to Morocco. However, precautions are taken in terms of food hygiene. Do not drink tap water, wash your hands before eating, and have a medicated emergency kit for diarrhea.


Prepare a good travel budget


To travel to Morocco, you must know that the cost of living is not very expensive. A taxi ride is worth 10 to 15 Moroccan DHs ($1=9.4 Dhs), a pair of slippers 60 DHs, a water bottle 5.5 DHs. Also, it is better to prepare before departure.


The language


Like any trip to a foreign country, you need to know a few sentences of the local language, at least the most essential ones when you travel to Morocco. Also, we must think to learn Arabic since Morocco uses this language exclusively. Interpreters are available for a fee and sometimes for free.

Arabic letters

Know the opening / closing time of shops


For small purchases in stores, they should be planned in advance. You should also know that all stores are open all week, Monday to Friday from 9h to 13h and from 16h to 20h.

taditional market

Be guided by a professional guide


In order to see all the historical monuments of the country when you travel to Morocco, and build a small album quickly made via any slideshow Maker, it is always recommended to be guided by a professional. It’s a better way to save time.

professional desert guide

 Everything for communication


 Morocco is already ready to offer permanent communication to its tourists. Also, it is possible to find Wi-Fi, a phone and cybercafés.

wifi is available

Take the time to have fun


There is no better advice than taking the time to enjoy your you travel to Morocco. Especially since Morocco has several essential tourist assets.

moroccan desert  ,A beautiful sunset

Fridays and Ramadan


Friday is the day dedicated to prayer for Muslims. Stores may adjust their schedules or not open at all. Generally, Moroccans gather around a couscous on this occasion.

Every year, it is not recommended to go to Morocco during the month of Ramadan because local life is slowing down. The schedules of all public places are changed (souks, museums, shops, tourist sites …) but the majority of restaurants and hotels keep the tourist rhythm. If you have decided to travel to Morocco at this time, rest assured, you will not shock anyone if you take your lunch.

Out of respect, just avoid eating and drinking on the street, as well as smoking in public. Life slows down until the middle of the day, but the evenings of Ramadan are synonymous with breaking the fast and deliver a unique atmosphere. At the end of the month of Ramadan, it is Eid: three days of celebration for Muslims.

Moroccan couscous
happy moments (Eid)

Book Your Morocco Tour

Book your Morocco trip with FriendlyMorocco expert team. We have wide selections of tours to choose from. The tours we provide are are well-organized to suit every passenger’s needs. It is also possible to customize your tours. Feel free to contact us to get a quote or for more info!

Flight to Morocco


To travel and come to Morocco, to go trekking, it is advisable to take a flight to Marrakech, most stays departing from this city. For some routes, it may be interesting to land in Ouarzazate (desert, Saghro), thus reducing the transfer time. It is recommended to avoid stopovers in Casablanca, so as not to waste too much time and to limit the risk of lost luggage.




A land of welcome and hospitality, Morocco is a rather safe country for your travels. However, it is strongly recommended to have specific insurance to make trekking trips. Check with your insurance company to make sure you are covered for activities you are considering in a foreign country.

moroccan hospitality



No specific vaccine is required or necessary to when traveling to Morocco. However, it is recommended to be up-to-date with its vaccines, such as tetanus. There is no need to make a yellow fever vaccine. Since malaria is not present in Morocco, no preventive treatment is to be taken. The precautions recommended are mainly at the level of water management. It is indeed recommended to treat drinking water (drink, washing of food, etc.). This can be done with chemical purifiers such as “micropur” or “hydroclonazone,” or it can also be done in a mechanical way (water pumps).

the source of water

Hotels and Riads


In the country’s major cities, the big names in Western hotel chains have been established for a long time. And the many establishments of all categories make up a very varied offer. In any case, comfort and quality of welcome will be there. Not to mention the riads, these traditional houses with a patio, converted into hotels, where you will discover the best of the Moroccan way of life. In this land of traditions, hospitality remains a sure bet.

wonderful riad

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