Visiting Morocco is a must for every traveler, at least once in its life, the magic in this country is real! .This country has a lot to offer beautiful panoramas, delicious food, welcoming and nice people, and a quality and modesty of life that is rare those days in other places. Morocco is one of those exhilarating countries that you’ll had the chance to visit, so if you decided to go to Morocco in your next trip, here is a list of 10 things you really need to know before you visit Morocco.


They don’t speak Arabic

american passport

As weird as it sounds, they don’t speak pure Arabic in Morocco, instead they speak another language called “Moroccan Darija” which is basically a mix between Arabic, French and Spanish and this is due mainly to the colonization years of France and Spain, another language widely spoken in morocco is “amazigh”.


Prepare yourself for a different weathers in each city

In reality, the more severe winter and summer temperatures become the further you leave the ocean. In spring and autumn, when the climate is hot and dry, the most pleasant time to visit Morocco(Friendly Morocco Tours). In coastal cities, average summer temperatures range from 64-82 ° F (18-28 ° C)

major local networks in Morocco

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Get your cash ready



Hotels restaurants, work generally with credit cards, but local street food restaurant taxis or some others services don’t usually accept credit card and work mainly by cash.


Morocco is a safe country

Despite all the scammers trying to sell double-priced items, morocco remains a very safe and stable country, and of course there is always some natural steps to follow. Don’t walk around by yourself at night especially as a solo female traveler the streets get very dark after all the shops close, and you’ll probably find lots of “friendly” guys trying to help you find your accommodation. It’s really uncomfortable, so I wouldn’t recommend being alone in quiet areas like the dark souks.

Moroccan currency dirhams


Get ready to take some few kgs

a Moroccan church
a Moroccan church

Food in Morocco is honestly the best. These are omnipresent foods you’ll find in every restaurant (yes, they’re cliched and touristy, but for a reason).

Fresh orange juice: Nearly everywhere available and so ridiculously good. Drinking it from a glass is always cheaper than getting it to take back. The stalls are often mentioned in large letters at a very low cost. And generally that’s the price if you’re standing there and drinking it on the spot. If you need to pay a little extra to take it with you, don’t be amazed.

Mint tea: Wherever you can get it, they enjoy serving it with sugar. Their default sweetness is ridiculously sweet, so you should probably ask for sugar on the side if you don’t enjoy cavities.

Tagine: Slow cooked meal cooked (also called a tagine) in an amazing clay or ceramic pot. There are many distinct types, generally meat. The kefta tagine is my personal favorite, meatballs in a tomato / onion sauce with eggs cracked on top. It’s going to alter your life, it’s always my favorite!

Couscous: Fluffy “ Semid “ grains, made with chicken or beef or lamb, and vegetables and sometimes sweet caramelized onions with chickpeas too, it is a very delicious meal, but also a high carbs one.


Don’t leave your shopping until friday

For Muslims, Fridays are regarded a holy day, so on Friday, you will discover that the souks may be a little quieter and that the working hours of certain stores may differ.

Many tourists fear that all will be closed on Fridays, but that is not always the case.

The main tourist attractions and major tourist-heavy places will remain open, but there have definitely also been many noticeable closures to the shop. Plan and don’t leave all your big shopping days until Friday and you’re going to be all right.


The medinas are mazes

camel trekking in the desert morocco

You’ll have undoubtedly already heard about how romantic and beautiful it is to get lost in the dizzying labyrinth of Moroccan souks that most blog posts seem to glaze over is that it’s also kind of frightening and maybe really frightening, particularly at night.

If you don’t get lost at some point, you didn’t have Morocco’s real experience, just be careful again, especially at night.

And remember, the worst comes to the worst, if you’re really greatly lost, somebody will probably be prepared to direct you back home, for a tiny fee of course.

Book Your Morocco Tour

Book your Morocco trip with FriendlyMorocco expert team. We have wide selections of tours to choose from. The tours we provide are are well-organized to suit every passenger’s needs. It is also possible to customize your tours. Feel free to contact us to get a quote or for more info!


There is a tourist police

The tourist police in Morocco are great; For any kinds of circumstances whether its robbery, scamming, or harassment.

the Moroccan tourist police are there! Don’t be silent about suffering.

Make sure you warn someone if anything goes incorrect on your journey.

moroccan balgha : a custom shoes for djellaba for men and women with different styles


Research your hotel location

a moroccan man wear a desert djellaba

If you have booked a stay in an Instagram Riad , you will most probably be in a medina; this is one of the best stuff to know before you go to Morocco as you can readily get lost. Definitely still consider staying in riads, just ask for particular instructions or ask for a transfer arranged in advance.


 Consider Morocco Tour Group

moroccan women clothing

Morocco can be an overwhelming place to visit, and you’ll experience cultural  shock at some point of your trip. One way to relieve these uncertainties is to  book a tour group or private trip, you’ll get to see a lot of places and do a lot of activities in a short amount of time with organization .

These were 10 things to know before getting into the adventure of visiting Morocco in order to get the best out of your trip without troubles or extra deepness, or a big culture shock, remember to enjoy your time there and take photos, and if you still haven’t thinking about if you should visit Morocco or not, I highly recommend you to go on a trip to this beautiful and very unique country.

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