Morocco has a lot to offer is an amazing nation to discover. Now, I understand that you hear that a lot about many locations, but I mean it! It’s one of those nations that are so much more than  Marrakech’s Souks,  with so many of  Morocco’s greatest things to  do  outside the town itself.

Here’s a list of the 33 delightful things to do in your Marrakech holiday.

1.Go for A ROAD TRIP

It’s the best way of seeing Morocco. Yes, most highways are pretty nice! If you don’t drive around Morocco, you wouldn’t have the chance to see half of the stuff on this list. It’s one of the best stuff you can accomplish on your journey.

Morocco highways

2.Shopping IN A SOUK

And walk like a local around. Garrett they have a lot of amazing  goodies like Jellabas which are  long dresses for men and women, they are very comfortable and very warm and also belghas that are Moroccan mules basically.


3.Have a moment watching GOATS

As funny as it sounds, but this is not a joke. These little creatures can be watched in countless places nearer to the shore and wherever argan trees sprout up. If you’re on a road trip, keep your eyes peeled  to observe the beauty of the scene, and maybe to take some pictures too.


4.Get lost inside the blue

In Chefchaouene for exemple It’s  seriously one  of  the  most  beautiful cities i’ve  ever  seen but  it’s  all  about  doing  it ,  walking  the  blue roads!  

There are hiking paths in the Rif Mountains that surround Chefchaouene if you want to get more adventurous.

Blue city

5. Get winds in your hair in ESSAOUIRA

It’s really windy! But yes, it’s also a very adorable fishing town that’s happening. Wander around the medina, do shopping, watch the waves  surfers .

scale the Kasbah essaouira



It’s really windy! But yes, it’s also a very adorable fishing town that’s happening. Wander around the medina, do shopping, watch the waves  surfers .

Old Medina

7.Enjoy the MINT TEA

Well, any of the teas you’re served actually. It’s SO good! The mint is amazing. You literally throw branches of mint into your glass or the teapot. Order one when you go out to eat or simply while sitting in a cafeteria you will not regret it


Mint Tea

8.Olive oil tasting

In your life, you never had so much olive oil and it is so splendid. An oil that is treated somewhat as a luxury component is suddenly inexpensive, accessible, and used in all things. It’s so nice! It literally went on almost all we ate and we completely gave up butter. Who requires their bread to be buttered if you can still dip it in olive oil?


Olive oil

9.Ride a CAMEL

I’m all about well-treated pets, so do your homework for sure. But I had handled their camels very well for the desert experience. They roamed through the desert until it was time for some sand dunes to ride around. They’re so adorable and adorable and you’ll literally see herds of them when you get to the desert!


Camel Ride


And all day chilling on the beach. The arch is a great thing you could do in Morocco, and it wasn’t preoccupied at all while it was known! It’s pretty beautiful and Legzira’s tiny town with its mountain cafes and surf stores is super sweet. As you are there, get yourself a delicious fish tagine, maybe your favorite tagine ever.


Legzira Beach


Wherever you go to Marrakech, there are hundreds of tour operators offering desert tours ranging from 1 to 3 nights and the abundance of choices can be a bit overwhelming.


Sahara Desert


The sunrise is as spectacular as the sunset. There is something so peaceful and relaxing to watch the sunrise over a landscape that didn’t have any houses or individuals in sight. There is nothing but sand stretching in all directions, fading into what appeared to be infinity.




And become a badass on the surf in a week! Nearly every beach has a lot of surf lessons. Awesome coastal good vibrations, simple  waves, affordable prices.



14.Visit the blue city

Chefchaouen is an iconic village that you’ll probably have seen all over the internet about 60 km north of Tangier. It’s the most iconic places in Morocco and the best stuff to do. The ancient city is literally wrapped in blue houses, making it such a distinctive place to see. Make sure you visit the medina, compared to Marrakech’s souks, you will discover it a much more pleasant and calm experience.

The town that was intended to be the country’s most relaxing. The town where the most beautiful blue shade is painted in every single building. There was no trouble to see and no aggressive allure.



Morocco has many incredible historical Kasbahs characterized by their lovely appearance and history. They were before used as a defense of the cities from the invaders  but now, they are some stunning monuments to visit and take pictures in.

Ait benhaddou kasbah

16.WANDER in Jamaa EL FNA

Leaving empty handed in Marrakech is not even an option. This may be recognized as a hectic market, and If you just walk around you will definitely left with some goodies . It’s one of the amazing things to do in Marrakech

Jamaa El Fna


In Morocco, it’s a thing, you’ll find out quickly. Families get together and consume their slaved couscous all day long. There’s nothing you get here instantly!




Riads are definitely something to do in Morocco but don’t get caught up in taking photos in them all day! Too much needs to be done!

Find yourself a nice riad to stay and enjoy it to the fullest. Staying in one is a common thing to do in Morocco and can definitely count in itself as an experience!


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19.LEARN few words IN ARABIC

It is not difficult to learn a few basic words of Arabic from the locals like how to say hello, goodbye or thank you, they are happy to help you learn some of their words, so grab the chance.

learn some of Darija

20.EXPERIENCE Weather changes

Yes, Morocco truly has seasons, and it’s not just warm despite what you might believe. In Morocco, there is even SNOW! So if you go through the winter months, don’t forget that jacket, as almost everyone does.

moroccan weather


The atlas mountains are a must see site in morocco, they are so many, so big, and so relaxing to the eye, drink from the fountains there, the water is so pure and clean and enjoy birds singing while walking there.

Atlas Mountains

22.Explore the south souks

For nice deals and bargains. It’s less intense and cheaper a bit than  the Jemaa  el- Fna  in  Marrakech  and  you  might  even  find  better  deals like the Agadir’s souk or Mirleft’s souk .

south souk


Spices are so fresh and tasty, you can smell them from a street away, morocco is very known for this, turmeric, dried coriander, Ras  el hanout, saffron and many other amazing spices. You can buy them from the local herbalist or from women cooperatives in the regions of the cities.

Moroccan spices


Just don’t fail like I did and look like you’re riding an imaginary bike (or pooping, whatever) in your picture. Oops.

Leaving the Sahara out while in Morocco would be a sin. Book a journey overnight and stay in a traditional Berber tent. You’re going to fall in love with the desert while attempting to count the night sky’s millions of stars. This is also a ideal chance if you’re so willing to try your hands on some nighttime photography. This will definitely be one of those incredible experiences you’re going to talk about for quite a while to come.

Camel trekking


You can use it on your hair, face, body and you can even eat it! Argan oil and olive oil are super popular and have a lot of health benefits, just check from where you are buying them. Getting pure argan oil is one of the best things to do in Marrakech.

Argan oil

26.Try the moroccon pastry

Moroccan khobz, msemen and batbout are all some amazing nutritious pastry to try during your trip to morocco, often served with olive oil and honey and mint tea, they are a really delicious amazing and food to eat .


27.Watch the sunrise in the desert :

And see the colors drastically shift from time to time. Pinks, yellows, orangesthey’re all playing! It’s mentally lovely and one of Morocco’s coolest stuff to do. My experience in the desert has been magical, and I have a guide to tell you about the non-tourist manner to see it.

sahara sunrise

28.Discover the experience of Casablanca :

Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco as they like to call it, it’s it biggest city, and the one with higher population, in Casablanca you can find anything you want from fancy restaurant to regular traditionnel ones in the old Medina. Hands down, the Hassan II Mosque must be one of the finest locations in Casablanca. It’s amazingly lovely and a place to see when you’re in town. If you’re searching for some local pottery or leather goods, go to the Habous neighborhood where you’ll find lots of treasures to bring home. Also in the ancient medina you will discover a nice few places.

Casablanca old medina

29.Visit the sahara and the village of Merzouga :

The small little village of Merzouga is located in eastern Morocco. Located a stone’s throw from the Algerian border, nestled in the sand dunes, this is the ideal location to explore the Sahara Desert. If you ‘re really lucky, you might even spot a few flamingoes too. And you can enjoy a sand and san bath in this village, as they offer the service of burying your lower body in the hot sand as a treatment for joints pain or other health issues, but please be informed before doing it, and make sure to follow their instructions. The drive from Marrakech can be up to 10 hours, so make sure you have a driver / guide that’ll take you. You can usually partner this up with a night in the desert yurts, too.

Visiting Merzouga is truly one of the best things to do in Marrakech.



30.The capital is sometimes forgotten :

Perched on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is the capital city of Morocco. Make sure to visit the Kasbah des Oudaias, see the Hassan Tower and explore the Royal Palace


31.Stay for a while in an amazigh village :

The amazigh people are really welcoming, they share their food even if they have so little, and they are very open and welcoming for visits, and the nature is amazing, try the experience of an afternoon in a village, drink their tea and eat some bread with olive oil and honey.

Khamlia Village

khamlia village

32.Head for the mountains :

If you can, make sure that you bring hiking on your itinerary in Morocco. For at least a few days, head south and explore the wild mountains of the Atlas. Alternatively, the North Rif Mountains create an ideal outdoor getaway as well.

However, if you’re not much of a hiker or a mountain lover you could always get a tour to take you to the hills on the journey you might even have the opportunity to visit a Berber family.

Atlas Mountains

33.Les Jardins de Majorelle :

Designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962), it took more than 40 years to finish these lovely desert gardens. The thing is that these gardens provide photographers with a lovely background. This makes them highly popular and it’s difficult to get those ideal pictures you’ll be encouraged to snap while you’re there when it’s busy. There’s a reason why this location enjoys Instagrammers !

Majorelle gardens

You’re going to have the best time to explore, just remember to plan on all the incredible food and tasty sweet tea ahead and   Before you go on wandering, look at some of Morocco’s best stuff to do, and if you ever find yourself in Morocco by luck, I really do recommend you to try to all of these 33 delightful things to do in Marrakech.

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